Embark on a memorable guided Piedmont wine tour with Italy Luxury Tours

The sight of ‘Piedmont’, meaning the foot of the mountains, is beholding! It is purely ecstatic and heavenly. The place is surrounded on three sides by the majestic Alps. Some of Europe’s highest ski resorts are in and around here. The place’s picturesque landscape will leave you mesmerized, while the human-made vineyards spread across the rolling hills are less spectacular. The dotted towns and villages, the Medieval castles, the imposing Ivrea fortress, the ancient villas, rice paddles, rows and rows of vintage farmhouses, Lake Maggiore, and the unlimited expanses of water leave tourists speechless and charmed for life!

Amidst all these natural and human-made beauties, spread across for miles and miles, is the world-famous Piedmont vineyards. Tourists from all over make a beeline here to catch glimpses of the wine-making process passed on as a legacy from generations to generations. The icing on the cake is the chance to taste the wine right out of the wineries. The wines are certified. The difference – some of them are home-made, and some pass through the commercial systems. All of it has one common aspect, though – they are just so ethereal. 

Ready to embark on a private Piedmont Wine tour? No words or pictures, or videos can justify the feeling of being physically present in Piedmont and experiencing all of this on your own. And, when the tour has been customized and designed to meet your specific queries, needs and interests by the best-known luxury tour operator in Italy, your vacation is going to be worth every moment, every second.

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Our creatively-inspired private Piedmont Wine Tour is characterized by:

• Top-notch personalized tour of the Burgundy of Italy that begins at Turin.

• Stop-over at the classic medieval Royal Palace, Superga, old structures, towers and other ancient sites of historical significance.

• Stay at Langhe with a visit to local dining outlets 

• Intricately-planned guided visit to vineyards of Mombaruzzo, visit the wine museum and wine-tasting in Barolo village with the Abbona family.

Experience the spirit of Piedmont and the authentic Italian wine with Italy Luxury Tours. Having years of experience and as passionate travellers, we deliver nothing but the best of experiences – worthwhile to the last penny creating valuable and unforgettable memories in the bylanes of one of the most beautiful places on the Earth.