Sestriere Ski Packages

Sestriere is an Alpine village not far from Turin municipality. It’s located only 17 kilometers from the French border. The Village has slightly above 900 inhabitants and is situated at 2000 meters from the sea level. Around Sestriere are mountains that have been used to create one of the biggest ski resorts in Italy and the world. Examples of such peaks are Monte Sises, Monte Fraieve, and Monte Motta. The Village is also subdivided into smaller hamlets, including Sestriere Borgata, Champlas Janvier, and Sestriere Colle.

Skiing in Sestriere

When it comes to the major tourist attractions in the region, we are talking about skiing in the mountains surrounding the Village. During the winter, many people visit Sestriere, which includes the locals from the neighboring areas, and abroad. During such a time, the population in the Village could skyrocket to 20000. Sestriere is one of Italy’s highest ski resorts, and it provides skiers with excellent snowy conditions, with over 400m ski runs. Let’s not forget the locals’ genuine hospitality to the tourist that visit the place. The Ski Resort is a haven for experienced and inexperienced skiers. Beginners can improve their skills near the Village while intermediate skiers can enjoy Borgata and Motta’s challenging runs. For an advanced skier, they can use some of the world championships runs available at the resort to give them an experience of a lifetime. Sestriere is a place that you can ski until you feel tired.

Best time to Ski in Sestriere

Sestriere weather is somehow oceanic climate, which means that there is likely to be rainfall throughout the year. Since you are interested in skiing, you want to vest this place when there is deep snow. According to the weatherman in Sestriere, during January and February, there is a high amount of snowfall: the best time to visit and enjoy skiing. From July to October, as they are warm and drier Months, it is more indicate for Nature and Hiking Private Guided Tours.

History about the ski resorts

The Ski resorts that are found in the Village did not exist naturally but were built by Giovanni Agnelli in the 1930s. Later his brother improved it. Sestriere is, therefore, among the first ski-built areas in the world that attract a lot of skiers in the winter.

Sestriere skiing events

Sestriere isn’t just any other kind of skiing areas that have been Over-hyped to appease readers. It’s among the best. If you do not believe it, then here are some of the major tournaments that it has hosted over the years.

  1. FIS Alpine Ski World cup
  2. FIS World Championship in 1997
  3. IPC world championship in 2011
  4. winter Olympic games in 2006
  5. Winter Paralympic in 2006

The above-listed games are those that can be played during the winter. In summer, golf can be played in this area. Sestriere is also the starting and the arrival point to Giro d’Italia and Tour de France.

Other tourist attraction activities in the area

Away from skiing, Sestriere has a lot of enjoyable activities to offer. You can try swimming or ice-skating. If you are a fun of boutique shopping, there are many shops that you can shop around. Since you are on holiday, why not try something livelier? Hit the GFC club, which is at the bottom of the slopes. From what we can tell, is that it’s trendy in the region. Italian cuisine is served at most of the hotels in the region


The nearest airports are Paris (CDG), Turin (TRN), Milan Malpensa (MXP), and Lyon (LYS). As part of your Sestriere Ski Package, Italy Luxury Tours will provide you a Private Transfer to and from your Hotel.


Italy Luxury Tours Ski Packages include 4* Boutique and 5* Luxury Hotels and Chalet.

Nearby skiing resorts

  • Sauze d’Oulx- still located in the municipality of Turin. It’s a place where the freestyle skiing event was held in 2006.
  • San Sicario- Had many activities during the winter Olympics of 2006, where bobsleigh, biathlon, luge events, and alpine skiing events were held here.
  • Claviere- this is where the Olympic teams used to practice during the 2006 Olympics. It’s found near the border of Italy.
  • 7 Nights/8 Days
  • 4* Boutique or 5* Luxury Hotel or Chalet
  • Assistance and Porterage at Airports, Train Stations and Hotels
  • Private Transfers to and from Airport
  • Day Excursions and Private Guided Tour
  • Ski Passes and Ski Instructor on request
  • Meals: Half or Full Board
  • 24/7 Assistance and Support from our Ground Operational Office in Italy

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