Val di Fassa

We all love going on holiday. That is why we plan for a specific time to go on a trip.  Deep down our minds, there is one thing that we all agree to – we want to make a trip as memorable as possible.  There are a few important things that Italy Luxury Tours somehow feels the prior sentence is concealing.  For a holiday to be memorable, it should leave an impact when we felt that we lived our lives.  A time that you felt that you were you, and you enjoyed it to the fullest. So which destination can make your holiday the best? Selecting a good destination can be an ardent task, especially for skiing enthusiasts or professionals. If you are in such a predicament where you do not know which are the best places to go for a holiday, then allow us to suggest one of the places that we consider the best – Val di Fassa

About Val di Fassa

This is an Italian term that, when interpreted, means the Fassa Valley. If you are into the skiing world, you have heard of the Dolomiti Superski, found in Italy. As a refresher, the Dolomiti super ski is one of the world’s longest ski destinations, spanning a distance of 1200 kilometers. Skiers are guaranteed to have a breathtaking scenic view. Fassa Valley is a part of the Dolomiti super ski located in the northern part of Italy. The Ladin community are the main occupants of this valley. One thing that is common with all skiing destination in Italy (with the inclusion of the Fassa valley) is that they have been declared a world heritage centers in the world by UNESCO. UNESCO declared these places as word heritage because they are endowed with the mineral dolomite.

Skiing in the Fassa Valley

Val Di Fassa is a place that welcomes all kinds of skiers to this region. The experienced and the inexperienced are all welcomed to this town. Among the so many skiing areas, there are gentle slopes which are ideal for beginners. A beginner, therefore, will not be left out of the skiing experience because they know nothing. Also, there are schools around the valley that are committed to teaching beginners how to ski. Most of the valley places are generally less crowded and therefore provide a ground where skiers can build their confidence as they are free from the hurried environment. The lack of a large crowd makes it a perfect place to train for beginners. There main skiing places that have high steep and are generally long and reserved for a seasoned skier looking for a breathtaking experience. One such place is the red panorama that is found at Pozza, which besides being very long, has high steeps that will give the experienced skier what they are looking for. Val di Fassa has everything that a tourist would need. If they want to try night skiing, then they should go to Pista Aloch Ski stadium. The only caveat with this is that it’s normally open for a couple of days. But if you and plan yourself, then you will enjoy this event.

Families at the Val di Fassa

The place has made a great effort to accommodate families and offer everything that a family needs. Of much interest is their child care services and play facilities that are available at low prices.  Children can enjoy skiing on the gentle slopes, which will be safer for them. In all of the villages, there is a special area that is dedicated to children. Most of them have snow parks and nursery parks that can teach the children how to ski. While planning to go there with your family, it would be good if you enquired about the ski special kids program that offers a week-long holiday to kids. It also entails a free accommodation and meals for children under the age of 8 at selected hotels.

Group Packages

If you are going on a group holiday, most of the hotels in this region are built to host a large number of people. In addition, if the team is made of skier, then the Sella Ronda is not far away. Italy Luxury Tours will arrange a Package to suit the exact Travel needs and requirements for your Group.

When is the best time to visit?

Most of us plan our holiday for Christmas. If this is your time, then you will love spending your Christmas here. It is normally very cold at this time, and most of the activities you will be doing are skiing. You will have the time to indulge in Italian delicacies. If you extend your time up to the New Year, you will enjoy the many festivities that usher in the New Year. Amazing fireworks are lit during this time. In February, it’s a period with low activity, and you will find very few people. However, there will still be a lot of snow, which will give you enough time to enjoy skiing and a range of activities.  In the Easter holidays, it’s the perfect time to enjoy skiing while it’s sunny. Generally, we would say that the place is hospitable throughout the year.


Accommodation is another factor that will be a consideration for a person planning for a tour.  This place has all the accommodations that you will need. It’s not an issue that is worth mentioning as there are over nine towns that have all the accommodations that an individual would need. Further, these places are normally not crowded. The accommodations are available in many forms that some can accommodate your family too.


Val di Fassa welcomes visitors throughout the year and is open to all. Visit this place to have an epic holiday and enjoy skiing like never before. If you are a beginner, there are places that you can be trained. In addition, if you did not carry your skateboard.

  • 7 Nights/8 Days
  • 4* Boutique or 5* Luxury Hotel or Chalet
  • Assistance and Porterage at Airports, Train Stations and Hotels
  • Private Transfers to and from Airport
  • Day Excursions and Private Guided Tour
  • Ski Passes and Ski Instructor on request
  • Meals: Half or Full Board
  • 24/7 Assistance and Support from our Ground Operational Office in Italy