Val Gardena

Skiing is defined as a means of transport were skis are used to glide on snow. Today, it’s more than that, it is a sport. A look at the history of skiing unravels that modern skiing has its origin in Europe. Or to be precise,  in Norway. There is still some contradiction that modern skiing might have started much earlier in the Asian continent. All the same, it’s the game that most people cherish. Today, it’s one of the games that is played in the Olympic Games, and there are lots of places that people can enjoy skiing as a  recreational sports events. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy skiing, then Val Gardena should be your priority. Keep reading on, and you will understand why we made such a claim

Val Gardena location

Val Gardena is found in northern Italy in South Tyrol and the Municipality of Selva. It’s said to be in the center of the dolomites of the northwestern Flanks. The nearest town to it is the Bolzano, which is only 43km far away from it.  The place is not densely populated and is approximated to have a population of around 3000 people, of whom over 90% speak Latin. At the same time, there are traces of people who speak Italian and German. Visitors from abroad can connect to the city using the Innsbruck (INN), which is 120 kilometers away from where they can use the train and connect to Val Gardena. They could also use the Venice Marco Polo airport, which is 125 kilometers away, but if the visitor’s interest was to go through the mountain passes, they would better use the Innsbruck (INN).

Why visit Val Gardena?

This is the best place to visit, especially if you love skiing or going on holiday. The place has all that an individual needs to make the holiday an unforgettable one. What things do you expect to find in this region?


Val Gardena is one of the top destinations for skiing in Europe. It has been known to host major sporting events.  What are these sporting events?

  1. FIS Alpine World Ski Championship in 1970
  2. Annual Saslong Classic
  3. Gardena Spring trophy that is held annually

The skiing terrain

The Val gardens is a tourist destination that welcomes both professional skiers and beginners to its sites. It’s endowed with 81 lifts and 175km of trails. It’s part of the famous Dolomite Super ski, which makes it easy for skiers to access all the ski areas with just a single ski pass. The major zones that are accessible from the Val Gardena are the Alpe di Siusi and Col Raiser-secede-resceisa.  Each offers some aspects that are more than likely to leave the skier or the tourist marveled.  Both the Val Gardena and the Alpe di Siusi are the areas that are more suitable for the inexperienced and intermediate skiers. In this valley, a skier gets to experience the thrill of skiing in a long slope that is approximately 10km long and elevated to a height of up to 1273 m. The slope has a variety of passages that entails a frozen waterfall. Do not miss the fun that this slope accords to every skier. It’s utterly amazing. I reckon that you would relish your time here. You would crave to visit this place again and again.


As aforementioned, this is a mountainous region that has over seven mountains. Enjoy hiking over these mountains, especially the Sella Pass Mountain. As you hike around this mountain, there is a scenic road that has alpine trees on its side. During the winter, the mountain can be very chilly, and usually, it’s covered by snow all over. If you are hiking at this time, ensure that you carry with you some attires such as a leather jacket, insulated boots, hardshell pants, and boxer’s jokers. The point is to stay as insulated as possible to conserve the heat that is generated by the body.

Visiting Bolzano

Bolzano is a historical city located in South Tyrol, and today it serves as an art show for tourists. A guide who knows the in and out of the historical city will take you through the city. He/she will lead you through the architectural designs, landmarks, the cathedral church of Bolzano, the Dominican church, Goethe Street, and Museum Street.

Local customs and crafts

Want to know more about the local customs and crafts? In Val Gardena, the ancient customs still exist. There are different costumes which are worn for special events such as festivals, traditional weddings, religious feasts, and parades. What makes their costumes rather peculiar is that the costumes can be used to differentiate the social backgrounds of children and adults. From this, it’s easy to differentiate single women and married men. Their traditions in art and craft are well expressed in their woodwork. You can get some wonderful sculptures that can be carried home as gifts. If you really want to have a close look at their excellent arts, you should not miss the Festival of Art Gardena held annually in early September.


Over the years, Val Gardena has developed to become one of the world’s major tourist destinations. For this reason, the locals have improved their resources such that accommodation is sufficient for all visitors. There are villages in Val gardens where a tourist can get accommodation. The locals are very charming and friendly, therefore expect to have a very wonderful time in the valleys.


Undoubtedly, Val Gardens is the best tourist destination for skiers who want to have a good time with their family members. Anyone can enjoy their time, given that there is a lot of fun activities in this valley. Visit this place at any time of the year, and you will enjoy your time there. It doesn’t matter if its winter or summer, the place welcomes visitors at all times of the year.

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  • 4* Boutique or 5* Luxury Hotel or Chalet
  • Assistance and Porterage at Airports, Train Stations and Hotels
  • Private Transfers to and from Airport
  • Day Excursions and Private Guided Tour
  • Ski Passes and Ski Instructor on request
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