Italy Flavours

Traditional Flavors

The Traditional Flavours of Italy: Food, Wine and Gelato

Fine Italian Cuisine and Traditional Flavors

During your luxury travel tours in Italy, be sure to sample a wide range of culinary offerings as you travel throughout the region. Food is not just a necessity; it’s a large part of the Italian culture. While most of Italy offers its visitors a unique taste of some of the freshest ingredients and spices, the best cooking can be found in the south of the country. The Mediterranean regions are known for offering everything from fresh fish and grass fed lamb to sun-kissed olives and tomatoes. Vegetables of all sorts can be found in most Italian cuisine, often times as the main course such as stuffed zucchini and spinach cannelloni.

Sampling Fine Italian Wines

No fine dining experience is complete without sampling some of the local wines, and Italy has many to offer. The unique spirits of the region are flavored by unique mixtures that include lemons, almonds, and other flavors. Whether you are in search of a crisp and delicious red wine, or are looking for the coastal flavor of a white wine, you are sure to find yourself at home in Italy’s world renowned vineyards. Connoisseurs can not only sample fine wines with their meals, but they may also be able to tour select wineries around the country. Some of the best known areas are in the south of the country; namely Campania, Basilicata, Molise and Puglia.

Selecting your Italian Dessert

You have enjoyed a fine meal, and have sampled some of the best wines the country has to offer. Now it’s time to consider a dessert. Italian pastries are a delicious temptation that should not be overlooked; in fact, many desserts are to be enjoyed with a fine Italian wine. If the overabundance of pastry choices is not of interest, you can always enjoy fresh fruit after a meal. In fact, this is an accepted after-meal dessert for many Italians to enjoy. Fruit choices are never at a shortage and you can find fruit salads, fruit tarts, and a sampling of fresh, hand-picked fruit straight from the tree or vine.

Italian Gelato vs. Ice Cream

While you can easily find both in most part of Italy, gelato seems to be much more popular than ice cream. To some, the differences may seem minute, but once you taste the smooth texture and relaxing flavor you may soon become a gelato fan. Gelato is made from milk, and when skim milk is used it has a lower fat content than ice cream. Using a lower fat content of milk allows the unique flavors of gelato to be enjoyed. While you might be hard pressed to even sample gelato, it should not be overlooked. Even the biggest fans of ice cream have found themselves surprised by the depth of fruit flavors within a gelato bowl.