Italy Luxury Tours organises exclusive and personalized itineraries in Italy and Europe, both for groups and individual clients. Our tours cover the whole Italian peninsula, with the possibility of extending the itineraries abroad.

Our strength is the ability to offer personalized itineraries according to the demands and interests of each customer, to meet any need. For groups, we offer itinerant and cultural trips which allow them to deepen their knowledge of our country; for individual clientele, we suggest a broad range of thematic solutions: luxury retreats in Italian and foreign cities to discover art, history and local products, itineraries dedicated to the main shopping destinations – crafts and manufacturing of excellence, boutiques of the finest designer labels, as well as the most prestigious brands linked to

Italy Luxury Tours staff are highly qualified, and able to assist the customer with any requirement – hotel reservations, flight and train tickets, guided tours, restaurant reservations, museums, theatres, shopping assistance, armed security, and much more – to ensure the unique experience of a tour planned in detail based on the preferences of the customer, and with full availability of a fleet of luxury cars with trained drivers with excellent language skills.

Personal Shopping Assistance: we provide trained staff with the appropriate language skills who can assist the guests for personal shopping in boutiques, showrooms and outlets, offering the necessary assistance and advice.

Interpreter: we have highly qualified multilingual staff who can provide language support to customers where necessary, with translation and tiling from medical to juridical field, etc.

Tourist Guide: we offer professional tourist guides with excellent knowledge of the history and culture of the Italian and foreign territory. All the itineraries can be customized according to customer requirements from time to time.

Concierge Services: We are ready and well organized to give our customers everything they need: tickets for exhibitions or meetings, sport events or any other kind of entertainment. Ask us for booking the best restaurants and clubs in Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome and many other Italian cities.

Meeting & Congress: The creation and organization of a meeting requires the support of a professional company that puts the control and optimization of expenses at the basis of the event’s creation. Purest Italy MICE for several years has put itself forward as a partner in the management of such events thanks to the network of professionals who are part of it and have the training and experience needed in the various sectors from the creation to the deployment of a meeting or conference.

Exclusive Parties: Italy Luxury Tours MICE specialists will be able to translate your ideas and identify the best production for a flawless event, where everything will be defined to the minimal details. We can model every kind of event, from animated birthday parties, theme parties or concerts, to social and luxury events with VIP and important guests, gala dinners and even exhibitions and shows. The possibilities are many and varied, as are the capabilities and resources of the team.


Luxury vehicles with multilingual professional chauffeurs to take our guests & collect them from the airport.

Preferential lanes for check-in & accompaniment through security & passport control; assistance throughout the entire departures or arrivals process; access to VIP Lounges: this is what our assistance is made of.

An exclusive experience result of a long and meticulous effort carried out over the years with passion and professionalism to achieve a single objective: to make your journey a truly privileged experience.


Freedom is guaranteed only when there is safety.

Thanks to the Close Protection service
you will be able to devote yourself
to your own work, travel, shopping, parties and social events with utmost peace of mind.

Even when organizing exclusive parties and meetings you will have no thought

but the wellbeing and enjoyments of the guests thanks to our event security management service and private residence and yacht protection service.

We provide reliable staff, both male and female, who operates in complete discretion and seriousness, for personal protection services. Our security staff has all the necessary requirements to carry out the personal bodyguard activity, which according to customer requirements, can be armed or unarmed.


Forget all the worries about lost and found, forget all the endless waiting
at the luggage belt, forget the weight of a travel wardrobe, since we will organize the home delivery.

Our luggage valet service
can handle luggage in each procedure:
from the collection directly at home or at the hotel, to the shipment to the destination.

No heavier luggage carried through the airports or in the car’s trunk.

What if luggage arrives first? Travel light and carefree!


A simpler but not yet less pleasant assistance. All the benefits of the VIP assistance are still here: priority lanes at check in, security and immigration controls.

An assistant will follow our guests
and takes care of them in all the procedures from outside the airport to the gate, and of course, on the other way around.

The meet & greet offer the same level of care and attention
of his bigger brother only at a smaller cost:
a way to make a journey a privileged one without the burden of another expense.


A private aircraft means moving around with ease, covering different routes in a day, leaving whenever you decide to, arriving well rested thanks to the relaxing atmosphere of your own spacious cabin.

Different types of jets and helicopters will meet any needs: long distances in short time, more cabin space either in height or width, equipment for important meeting onboard.

Flexible departure and arrival times, experienced crew members, top-level aircrafts: every detail is meant
to reach perfection and efficiency.


A party, a dinner or a meeting held out on the open sea or moored in a small harbor is something special: it’s undeniable.

For your most wonderful moments,
a romantic trip or a lively party, a business meeting or a reunion with old friends, there will always be the perfect ship for your plans.

Whether you are looking for a sailing or motor boat, a latest generation or an historical ship, with or without skipper and crew boat, you will find what you dream in our prestigious yacht fleet.