4 Places To Visit Italy With Your Kids

Italy is basically a lover’s destination. But it is equally adventurous and beautiful to take your kids along with you, on a vacation. There is plenty to do in Italy with the whole family. The beach costs, medieval castles, smoldering volcanoes or the traditional marionette shows, are just few of the perfect attractions to widen your travelling horizons. It is not only culturally rich but also to indulge yourself in breathtaking sights and delicious delicacies.

So, let’s take a tour of Italy to visit the exotic cities and enjoy the cultural and historical sights.

Historical Elegance

Italy is culturally and historically rich, which is palpable in the very air we breathe. You can take your kids to the amazing and famous attractions that are the heart of Italy. Roman Colosseum will take you back to the ancient Rome times with gladiator tales. Palazzo del Podesta will bring the Venetian age to life, treating your kids with interactive gizmos and high tech gadgetry. You get to learn about the medieval past in Palazzo Comunale and Torre Grossa along with ancients ruins of houses, streets, and battlefield in Pompeii and Herculaneum. Enjoy the world’s oldest town with your kids and take back the experience of another world with you.

Adventurous Fun

Italy not only caters to a learning mind but also provides amazing activities for every kid to enjoy and take interest in. It is basically a home to a number of theme parks such as Gardaland, the biggest park of Italy; Leolandia, an amusement park with aquarium along with unique attractions like Italy in miniature and Bioparco di Roma. You even get to experience the distinct and varied climbs to Leaning Tower, St. Peter’s Basilica and Napoli Sotterranea among many others.

Beautiful Beaches

Italian coastline is a home to some of the Europe’s most beautiful and best beaches. They are even completely equipped, offering a lot for your children and the whole family. Being an abode of seven tiny black sand beaches, Aeolian islands is a unique attraction. You can enjoy canyoning, water sports, horse riding and ski runs on Lake Garda, The Dolomites, and Sardinia. You can taste the soothing salt of the beaches in the air of Capri and Bay of Naples or you can relish the newness of Adriatic Coast with your kids.

Delicious Delicacies

Food can be a deal breaker for many people, and to kids especially as they love to try out different dishes. Italy has luxurious palates of delights to savour. Challenge your kid to taste different colors and shapes of pizza and pasta, while in Italy, they are hands-down the tastiest. Take a Gelato themed tours in Gelato Museum with lots of tasting or you could even create your own. Try your hand at chocolate making by taking part in the workshops and tours in Perugina chocolate factory. Italy is a place that is simply colorful and flavorful, so better experience different tastes.

It’s time that you experience the exotic beaches and vast history of Italy first hand. Take a vacation and spend some quality time with your partner and children. Get ready for the Italy luxury travel and start creating beautiful memories with your family.