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Private Tours Fleet

We take as much pride in our personnel as we do our vehicle fleet. We have a variety of luxury cars and mini vans at our disposal for day excursions around Italy. These tours can be provided in English, French, Russian and Spanish for your convenience. Our fleet consists of Mercedes-Benz vehicles averaging just 2 years of age. We ensure every vehicle is registered and licensed for chauffeur services, and is covered by the highest level of insurance possible.

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Mercedes Sedan

The Mercedes C Class sedan combines a classy image with a comfortable and spacious interior. This vehicle is the most suitable for short airport transfers.

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Mercedes E-Class

When people think of a Luxury Mercedes, the E-Class is the sedan they picture. This full sized sedan is the best-selling vehicle in Europe.

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Mercedes R-Class

The Mercedes R-Class minivan offers a spacious interior with plenty of leg room for all passengers. This vehicle provides a smooth ride.

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Mercedes S-Class

If the top of the line is your focus, the Mercedes S-Class is the vehicle of choice. This sedan features all of the comfort and reliability of Luxury Mercedes

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Mercedes Viano

For the most state-of-the-art European car, the Mercedes Viano should not be overlooked. This small vehicle is extremely efficient, safe and luxurious..

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Mercedes GL-Class

The Mercedes GL-Class combines power, luxury and practicality in a beautifully designed SUV shell. Perfect for more lengthy trips with multiple passengers.