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The Weather in Italy and the Best Time to Visit

Dressing for the Climate in Italy

When visiting Italy for the first time, you may be unsure of the best clothing to wear and what to expect from the weather forecast. Like most of Western Europe, the best times to visit Italy for the mildest weather would be during the spring and autumn months. This ensures warm waters and a cooler breeze drifting down from the Alps keeping the overall temperature mild and comfortable. Having said that, there can be extremes between the sea and the mountains so when in doubt, ask the locals.

Visiting in the winter means you will be exposed to some very cold Alps temperatures, as well as cold temperatures in the central Apennines and Po Plain areas. However, if you remain closer to the Ligurian coast, the Amalfi coast or Sicily the temperatures will remain mild, or even warm!

Italy is at its busiest time in the summer. This peak time can bring with it some very hot and dry temperatures, but this discomfort is usually lessened by the cool breeze from the coastal areas. During the summer, the Alps and Apennines areas are comfortably cool, and many people choose this time to experience all the charm of the mountainous regions on hiking trips and excursions. If you prefer to stay away from the mountains, the beaches and lake resorts offer excellent hotel facilities for tourists. Venture more into the cities and you can experience a wide range of treasures including art, culture and more. Cities such as Assisi, Florence, Siena, Orvieto and Todi have a rich attraction of galleries and other art-based venues to consider.

October and April are the best months to visit Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice, Verona, Milan, Naples and Bologna. While the summer can be fun during the months of July and August, the temperatures may be uncomfortable for visitors. The busiest and therefore most crowded times to visit would be during the months of May, June and September as well as the Easter and Christmas holidays. If visiting in October, Southern Italy offers fewer crowds but can still remain nice enough and warm for your comfort.

The Northern regions of Italy which include Venice, Verona, Bologna and Milan are worth visiting during the spring, and can offer mild winters though fog cover may obscure photographic opportunities. During the winter months, Venice can be almost completely covered in a misty fog which creates a unique feel to the city, but can limit your enjoyment of local architecture and distant landscapes.