4 Things You Should Never Leave At Home

Traveling smart means traveling well. As you leave New York for Italy, figuring out what you should pack or leave behind can be a daunting task. Here are tips of four things you should not forget to carry – beyond your passport and prescription medicine – as you leave for your booked Italy tours from New York.

Digital Books and Music

What kind of books, you might ask? Well, of just about any topic. If you will be travelling for a few weeks, do not carry a full set of books with you. Instead, get a digital reading device, like a Kindle or Nook, and load it up with your favorite books before you leave. An iPod will also offer you instant entertainment, you can download more than music – consider some podcasts and lectures on sites you would love to see.

An Empty Backpack

You really do not need to carry a backpack with you everywhere you go. However, a backpack can come in handy if you end up hiking Italy’s spectacular countryside or going to the beach. Italian grocery stores charge for plastic bags, and it is also more comfortable if you can carry your groceries on your back. The backpack will also be a good place to carry your souvenirs and gifts for friends and family back home.

Emergency Numbers and Meet Location Information

Do not forget to print out your meeting rendezvous map and info. Also jot down phone numbers you can call in case you get lost. Otherwise, a happy tour can end up becoming a stress trip and other clients in your entourage angry at you because they are late. Worse, you may end up never making your tour.

Dressy Accessories

Italians take dinner seriously. Much more, in general, than Americans do when they are back home. This does not mean carrying a fancy dinner jacket or cocktail dress; instead, for the Italians, what is important is the details. Complete your dining outfit with a nice pair of leather shoes and belt, a statement silk or necklace.

Stress in terms of travelling includes simple things such as packing. But Italy is not a wilderness; you can get anything you forget at home. Therefore relax – it’s a vacation – and do not overthink or worry about packing. After all, you will be vacationing in Italy. Find out more about why we are your ultimate Italy travel partner. Contact Italy Luxury Tours at 1 (888)959 7108 for more information.