How to Create a Memorable Honeymoon in Italy

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Planning your honeymoon is an exceptional experience for couples. Many couples are looking for a fantastic location that exudes romance and gives them a chance to start their marriage with a luxurious trip. By booking an exclusive honeymoon to Italy, couples can get everything they want in a honeymoon package, regardless of what they may be interested in seeing or experiencing. The following tips will help you plan a memorable honeymoon in Italy.

Find Secluded Accommodations

It may be tempting to stay in the heart of the city or close to the popular tourist attractions; however, you can give your honeymoon a more romantic feel by choosing accommodations in a more secluded location. For instance, the Tuscan countryside is perfect for finding out-of-the-way accommodations without sacrificing luxury. You may also aim for some lesser-traveled areas, such as Sicily, Puglia, or Sardinia.

Book Romantic Excursions

No honeymoon is complete without romantic excursions that you can’t experience anywhere in the world. Most couples are well aware of taking a romantic gondola ride through the canals of Venice, but this isn’t your only option. Italy is the ideal place to wine and dine your new spouse, enjoying exquisite Italian cuisine and fine wines crafted by experts who have made wine for generations. Taking a cooking class together can also be a fun experience that lets you create unique dishes.

Leave the Cities Behind

While most Italian cities are packed with history and things to do, they’re also packed with people. If you want a memorable honeymoon experience for you and your spouse, you may prefer to leave the cities behind and spend your time in the countryside. The two of you can bond over hikes through the wilderness, taking in the breathtaking views and enjoying the solitude. Some small towns also exude a more romantic feel, giving you access to restaurants, shops, and nightlife without feeling lost among other travelers.

Find the Hidden Gems

Italy is filled with hidden gems you can uncover just by talking to the locals. Ask for recommendations for restaurants favored by the locals instead of always dining where most tourists go. You’ll get a better taste for authentic Italian cuisine and generally experience a more romantic atmosphere for dinner. There are many internationally acclaimed restaurants located in the big cities and smaller towns of Italy. Even if you choose a more remote location for your honeymoon, chances are you will find an exclusive dining experience you will both enjoy.

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