Italy Honeymoon Packages – Explore and Indulge in the Best Attractions in Italy

Italy and neighboring France always top the list for the most romantic European honeymoon destinations and for countless good reasons. With their picturesque landscapes, rich art and history, sumptuous food, and slow-paced life, the twin countries definitely make for a luxurious romantic escape. If you are leaning more towards Italy as your absolute honeymoon destination, below are some of the best attractions and places to visit to make your after-wedding vacation an unforgettable experience:

  • Venice – With its quaint beauty and natural romantic vibe, it without saying that the gondola city is a great place to explore during the Italy honeymoon trip. Its waterways are perfect means to sightsee as you ride to the best shopping destinations. As night falls, enjoy the city lights while your gondolier belts out romantic tunes.
  • Tuscany – If you are into art, it won’t be difficult to recognize Tuscany’s scenic beauty as backdrop of some of the world’s most famous art pieces. A perfect destination for newlyweds, Tuscany’s cobblestone streets and superb architecture, lush vineyards, and sleepy vibe will allow you to take things slow as you take in the city’s admirable sights.
  • Rome – No honeymoon list is complete without the mention of the Italian capital. A beautiful city to visit any day, Rome is a definite must-see, even when simply planning a holiday getaway. Famous for its ancient ruins, from the Pantheon to the Roman Coliseum, there is much more to love about Rome, from its street vendors to its exquisite art. It is also a great starting point for visiting neighboring destinations like the Amalfi coast and Sorrento.

Naples – If you want to avoid the crowds of busy cities, go south of Italy to Naples to get the same city vibe with half the crowd. Naples has countless restaurants, hidden shops and nightlife opportunities to help you get the best out of your Italian honeymoon.