Plan Your Trip to the Leading Fashion Capital of The World, Milan in a Classical Way

For the travellers interested in fashion and art, Milan is a must-see stop in Italy. Book a classic Milan tour online to find a best-fit itinerary for your travel purpose, budget, and schedule. Let Milan take your breath away with its stunning structures such as the Duomo Cathedral and the church of Sta Maria delle Grazie. Be awed by the presence of Leonardo da Vinci’s works, one of which is the “The Last Supper.” Milan is surely a must-see place for the artistically inclined, but just the same, it gives visitors many reasons to appreciate its art.


In a classic Milan tour, you may also be able to experience fabulous lakes such as Lake Como, Lake Lugano, Lake Iseo, and Lake Maggiore, which surrounds the Northern part of Italy—the Lombardy—where Milan is located. Luxury shops, fine dining restaurants, and signature wine destinations are prevalent in Milan. You will never run out of things to do and places to explore.


Sign up for private luxury tours that highlight visits to fascinating villas and gardens such as the ones in Bellagio. You can also choose an itinerary that includes a wine and champagne exploration somewhere in Franciacorta, Lombardy. For those who would prefer to drive their own cars, it’s best to tone down on the drinking and simply bring home beautiful bottles of Chardonnay, Spumante, or Pinot Noir to enjoy later.


To enjoy a truly spectacular and glitch-free holiday in Milan and surrounding areas, book your luxury tour with a travel agency that is known not only for providing a great line up of activities or tourist destinations, but has also built a solid reputation with excellent customer testimonials. Another thing to consider is the ease of customization and accessibility of customer service provided by these agencies.