Our Sardinia Private Vacation Packages offer countless deals designed to help visitors enjoy the best that the Italian island has to offer. One of the largest of Italy’s islands, Sardinia has no shortage of exciting offerings that make it an unbeatable tour destination. Families love Sardinia vacation packages because of the numerous water parks and kids clubs that the island hosts, not to mention the resorts and attractions that offer countless family-friendly activities to visitors.

Sardinian beaches are also some of the most visited in Italy, best known for their picturesque shorelines that look out to infinite shades of aqua. Punta Molentis, Cala dei Gabbiani, and Porto Pollo are only some of the best beach areas to explore on the island, with Porto Pollo being one of the most sought after by surfers.

Sardinia also attracts history and culture buffs, thanks to its rich collection of relics from the past. Do not miss out on the island’s capital and its medieval quarter. Cagliari is not just dotted by pastel-colored buildings it’s hilltop medieval quarter known as Castello, offers the best views of the town. Filled with mysterious cultural gems, Sardinia is also home to more than 2000 stone huts known as Nuraghi, which remain strong and standing through hundreds of years of history. Ancient villages that practice old customs provide visitors a glimpse of the island’s rich past.

Sardinia vacation packages also often include adventurous activities, with Sardinia being one of the most exciting places to visit for recreation. From leisurely horseback riding to more adrenalin-filled activities like windsurfing, rock climbing, and diving, you’ll find no shortage of exciting activities to fill your day everywhere in Sardinia, especially in La Marinedda, Costa Smeralda, and the rugged mountain towns inland.