Tips on Vacations in Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The country experiences four distinct seasons of the year allowing for diverse activities for tourists and holidaymakers. Italy boasts of world-renowned cuisine, signature wines, and picturesque destinations. Private Guided Tours in Italy is available and is relatively priced to suit tourists and travelers with different budgets. In Italy, one must consider visiting the following destinations.

Major cities
Italy has a long history of civilization and boasts of various metropolitan cities. From Rome to Milan, one of the global fashion and design capitals of the world, to Florence the capital of the Tuscan region, Naples capital of the Campania region, Venice with its famous waterways, Bologna with the oldest university in the world which is still operational. Italian cities will provide a wealth of experience in culture, food, and customs of the Italian people.

The Italian countryside offers grand drive tours in marvelously formed landscapes. Different regions offer vantage views of the Alps, plateaus and there is also Abruzzo which is home to one of Italy’s oldest ski resorts, a fantastic winter destination. The countryside is diverse in its offering of food and wine, and it is a guarantee that the hospitality of the Italians will leave a mark in a tourist’s heart.

The Coast
Italy has a long Mediterranean coast. The beautiful sun kissed beaches littered with tourists and locals for an incredible cultural experience. Italy’s coastline offers top notch hotels that offer for the best quality for an unforgettable holiday. The coast has unusual rock formations and beautiful brightly colored buildings and steep cliffs which provide for an authentic feel of Italy.

The mountainous region in the North offers a great and unusual vacation. Private Guided Tours in Italy, especially to the mountains, reveals a diverse landscape of lakes and ski resorts. The three widely known lakes are Garda, Como, and Maggiore home to major hotels and resorts for a comfortable tour. Winter provides for a beautiful skiing holiday in the UNESCO world heritage site, the Alps. The Alta Badia has inspired winter holidaymakers time and time again.
Italy will provide for an experience of a lifetime. With so many places to visit, one trip might not be enough. Italy has a lot to offer, and it is best to get the services of Private Guided Tours in Italy.

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