Venice is an aberration…Venice is an eccentricity…Venice is a testament of human audacity as sprawling marble palaces and expansive architectural marvels stand tall on a lagoon! And THAT is only the beginning of the many wonders and surprises that this place houses. Many hail this city as a slice of paradise in Italy, with its gorgeous waterways and romantic gondola rides that promise to take you back in time. But the true beauty of Venice comes to light when one chooses to look past the obvious and into the heart and soul of Italian culture that beats with an unending rhythm here. Here is all you can enjoy on your Italian vacation packages – a foray into Italian culture, heritage and magnificence that will leave your heart spellbound.

Venice’s grandeur

The Grand Canal – the name itself says it all. Get ready to take a ride on this signature Venetian waterway while the glorious architectural marvels of the region whiz past you. And as the journey reaches toward culmination, the Palazzo Ducale and Basilica di San Marco appear at the end of the waterway, standing tall to add double exclamation marks to your overall experience. Even the back alleys and narrow internal streets of Venice will have something to feed your artistic cravings. This isn’t a city that you can explore in just one day.

Venice’s food

Venetian cuisine is far from what you can call commonplace. No other city has access to garden islands and lagoon aquaculture like Venice, and so, no other place can offer you the wide selection of unique dishes and culinary delights like Venice can. Spreads of lovely cicheti (Venetian tapas), seafood extravaganzas, and the signature champagne of the region, Prosecco, are all available at comfortable bars and waterfront bistros. The people of this place know how to put up a royal spread, so be ready to have your senses bombarded with flavors and aromas that will make refresh your mood.

Venice’s lifestyle

Venice is widely known as the fairy tale city, and rightly so. La bea vita (the beautiful life), as the locals know and live it, is truly something to behold and experience. The wake-up call of gondoliers, the warmth and hospitality of the people, crowded bars, and cafes with outdoor seating, and fuschia-pink sunsets that set fire to the entire city’s waterways – that your traveler can’t covered at few hours. They will never get to see what this city is hiding.

So plan your next trip to Venice – paradise in Italy that will capture your soul.