7 Of The Best Things To Do In Italy

So you’ve finally booked your to Italy! If this is your first time in the country, here is a list of the top seven things you can on your vacation:

Go on a gondola ride

It’ll cost you a bundle but it’s worth it. Getting around the canals of Venice on a gondola seems like the most romantic thing to do. If you want to save up, though, you can go aboard the traghetto, which is a water taxi the locals use to cross the Grand Canal.

Visit the museums

Italy has one of the most extensive collections of art in the entire world. If you love art and paintings, you’ll be in art heaven. One of the most famous sights on your must-see list should include the statue of David in Florence, inside the Galleria dell’Accademia, shares the Business Insider.

Hike in old, quaint towns

If you love hiking in medieval towns, then you’re sure to love bopping over the Cinque Terre. You can pack your itinerary full just taking in all five towns in the area.

Jump off the cliff

Ride the train to a lovely beach town in Puglia, stroll along the coastal town for local eats and enjoy taking a dip in the sea. For an added thrill, do as the locals do and leap off the tower from the cliff. It’s a definite departure from all the shopping you’ll do in the metro.

Explore ancient ruins

Love the feel of walking through ruins and seeing the remnants of past civilizations in every column or brick wall? Then you’ll have the time of your life going around Pompeii. From ruined temple facades to steps, you can’t help but travel back in time.

Go on a food and wine tour

Italians are renowned for their love of excellent food and wine. Experience that love first-hand by going on an Italy Food and Wine Tours package. If you love Italian wine or are raring to discover the taste of the country’s local cuisine—varied, depending on what region you find yourself in—this is the best way to enjoy both. Eat and dine through the pleasure of finding two of the best things Italy has to offer.

Drive along the beautiful Amalfi Coast

Want unforgettable views and sights? Drive along the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast with the wind in your hair and the sun at your back. When you’re in a country as visually unforgettable as Italy, enjoying a trip to the fullest is easy. For more information contact Italy Luxury Tours at (888)959 7108.