Rumbling volcanoes, converging seas and blending cultures – all topped up with indulgent delicacies that will leave you questioning your knowledge of Italian food. Honeymooning in Sicily will give you a chance to witness everything that is not typically Italian about Italy. The scintillating mix of culture, cuisine and catacombs and the intoxicating adventures of the land is enough to fill your soul with excitement and delight. This is the place where Italian vacationers come to chill on the sparkling Mediterranean coastline. This is the place where explorers come to find an innate restlessness in nature, architecture as well as lifestyle – something that is so un-Italy! So calling all couples out there – if your idea of celebrating love involves experiencing Italy’s not-so-typical side, get a honeymoon package to Sicily. You will love every minute here!

Relationships are all about passion… This drama is what drives two people to fall crazy in love with each other. And in the gorgeous land of Sicily, drama is baked right into the cake! Everything that a couple could ask for to explore each other and discover their innate desires is available in this tiny Mediterranean wonderland. The contrasting positioning of sparking seas, hulking mountains, pristine coastlines, intimidating volcanoes and gorgeous greenery in a single frame becomes a rollercoaster ride for your senses – perfect for hikers, adventure seekers and nature lovers. The food and culture of Sicily is an endearing blend of Italian, Greek and Mediterranean flavors – all influenced by the bountiful natural produce that region proudly boasts of. Every experience here will be deeply imbued with the signature South Italian passion for life and happiness – a giddy relaxed way of life that you won’t be able to ignore for as long as you are here. Delectable ice creams to scintillating wines, fresh swordfish to gorgeous greens, beautifully white ricotta to garishly charred aubergines – Sicily is the place where you will get to witness the timeless seductions of history unfold, waiting to take over your senses with their simplistic and endearing charms.

So head over to Sicily for your honeymoon vacation to discover the more un-Italy charms of Italy. And in the process, you get to discover each other as well!