Amalfi Coast Tour – Some Tips For an Extraordinary Tour

The unspoiled waters of the Amalfi Coast beckon tourists for an unforgettable experience. Amalfi, on the south west of Italy is home to cliffs and typical pristine Italian beaches. Nature is at its resplendent best in this gorgeous little town. If you plan a quiet and thoroughly memorable trip to Italy, then here is what you need to know before you pack your bags for Amalfi.

Exotic villas for a trip through luxury, Roman style

Amalfi is famous for villas that dot the landscape. However, to enjoy Amalfi better, occupying a plush Roman villa will take you through the lap of luxury and grandeur. And clearly, Romans know how to do it better than others, their massive structures and attention to hedonistic detail, examples of their inclination to luxury. Choose one of the Roman villas to enjoy the splendor like royalty of yesteryears.

Pristine beaches of Furore

A trip to Amalfi without a swim through the turquoise beaches of Furore? That is unthinkable. The coast of Furore has clear waters that can seduce a person into swimming at the mere sight of the waters. A trip to the Amalfi coast should include a swimming session at Furore. You can be sure that you will be at conflict with yourself, wanting to take more dips at Furore, while also wishing to see other places of interest. The fjord would particularly be of great interest to swimmers who love leisurely dips in clear blue waters.

Savor the original pizza

What is a trip to Amalfi, if you cannot enjoy a pizza? The original pizzas from Italy are bes          t experienced in restaurants. An Amalfi trip should ideally include a relaxed trip to one of the many restaurants where traditional pizzas and gelatos are meant to be enjoyed unhurriedly. Take in the ambience of the restaurants, the settings of the little towns and savor every moment as you bite into those relishing pizzas. There really is quite nothing like an Italian pizza, lovingly created by local chefs, with ingredients hard to find outside of Italy.