Benefits of Choosing Private Honeymoon Tour Packages in Italy

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Following the excitement of your wedding, you and your soulmate deserve a truly relaxing honeymoon. It will be a chance for just the two of you to spend time away from family and friends, so make it exactly what you hope for by booking a luxurious honeymoon travel package to Italy. From romantic days exploring centuries-old streetscapes in Rome or indulging yourselves at Lazio’s hot springs, there is a long list of experiences to share with your spouse.

Top four reasons to choose honeymoon travel packages for your celebration in Italy

  • Take a break in a luxurious hotel.

You can never go wrong with a luxurious staycation in a five-star hotel. Hotels are the perfect place to wind down after a long day, allowing you and your husband or wife to completely relax in privacy. The best luxury tour operators in Italy can give you access to some of the finest four- and five-star hotels in the country. Honeymoon travel packages include daily breakfasts so you can start your day with a beautiful meal.

  • Gain access to exclusive experiences.

What’s your idea of a perfect honeymoon? Maybe you and your significant other would love to visit Italy’s many art museums, or perhaps you would prefer a wine-tasting tour across the Tuscan countryside. Whatever it is, a package tour can make it happen.

Leading travel providers can arrange private tours in the vineyards of Italy, book horseback riding excursions in Tuscany, or schedule a gondola trip through the canals of Venice, all upon your request.

  • Find more time to relax.

Coming straight to the airport after your wedding can be very tiring. Not to mention, you’ll have to think about the ride to your hotel and unpacking your bags for the rest of the trip.

But don’t worry—a package tour can ease your worries and help you relax. Top-rated tour operators offer full assistance to and from the airport, cruise terminal, or train station, allowing you to reach your hotel as soon as you arrive.

On top of that, luxury package tours include private transportation to the destinations on your itinerary, as well as business class train travel between different cities in Italy. You never have to worry about having to navigate on your own or join crowded tour buses. You will get your own personal guide and driver, which not only saves time but also makes your holiday much more exclusive.

Overall, booking a honeymoon package tour gives you more control over your time during your vacation. Exclusive tour providers will even allow you to customize the trip according to the duration of your stay, the places you’d like to visit, and the activities you want to experience.

The most romantic honeymoon destinations in Italy

  • Florence

What’s more romantic than exploring art museums and strolling along the cobbled streets of Italy? Florence is a top destination for lovers, known around the world as the birthplace of the Renaissance.

You won’t run out of galleries and majestic buildings to visit in the city, and the one place you shouldn’t skip is the Uffizi Gallery. This historical museum is home to some of the most recognizable masterpieces, including The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli and the Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci and Andrea del Verrocchio.

Florence is at its best during the summer, which runs from May to September. This season is perfect for sightseeing, al fresco dining, and admiring the sunset with your loved one.

  • Lake Como

Are you looking for a place to wind down after your wedding? When it comes to rest and relaxation, nothing beats Lake Como. Found in the heart of northern Italy, this majestic honeymoon destination feels like it’s an entirely different world. Lake Como sits right beneath the towering Italian Alps, home to some of the most picturesque landscapes and opulent villas.

You and your spouse can walk along the charming town of Bellagio and its lakeside promenade that hosts the most scenic sunsets. On the western side of Lake Como lies Menaggio, a sleepy village surrounded by sparkling waters and dazzling views.

  • Venice

When people think of romance and Italy, there’s almost always one place that comes to mind: Venice. It’s no surprise why this city is the embodiment of all things romantic—a serene gondola ride through Venice’s canals is a must-try activity for every couple.

There’s also much to explore around Venice besides its calm waters, including the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco. Not to mention, the city is a haven for foodies, boasting famous Italian dishes like cicchetti, fegato alla Veneziana, and lasagna with squid ink.

  • Rome

Who says Rome is only for history geeks? The city has so much more to offer beyond its culture and history, and you’d be surprised at how romantic it can be. After all, you can’t spell “romance” without “Rome.”

The ancient city is filled with beautiful sights to explore, such as the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel. And if you’ve got some coins to spare, consider throwing them into the Trevi Fountain. Although you’ve already met the love of your life, throwing a coin into the water can make your other dreams come true.

  • Cinque Terre

Have you always dreamt of a summer wedding? Don’t let your dream end just yet, and book a summer staycation at Cinque Terre. This coastal area in Italy is colorful and almost magical, home to five charming villages that sit right beside each other.

Cinque Terre is the ideal honeymoon destination for adventurous couples, featuring various hiking trails and footpaths that can give you a bird’s-eye view of the Italian coastline.

Honeymoon travel packages can make for an excellent wedding gift. So, if you want to surprise your significant other with something grand and exciting, start planning a romance-filled tour to Italy now. Be sure to work with an experienced tour operator to find the activities that suit your interests.