Book a Private Tour and Enjoy Delicious Food at Cinque Terre

The rugged, but colorful beauty of the Italian Riviera’s Cinque Terre makes this destination a draw for travelers from all over the globe. Whether it is the region’s artistic beauty, its architectural wonders or distinct culinary flavors that make this a must-see destination, one of the best ways to experience it is by booking a private tour.

Cinque Terre encompasses five quaint villages that appear to rise out of the craggy seaside rocks this region is famed for. Colorful houses, fishing boats and expansive vineyards add to the region’s picturesque qualities. The villages are all considered part of the Cinque Terre National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visitors who book private tours to explore Cinque Terre and its five villages will soon learn this unique part of Italy is also home to some of its most famed foods and wine varieties. The grapes grown in Cinque Terre are used to make Cinque Terre and Sciachetra wines. The region is also noted for its pesto, focaccia bread and gelato made from locally grown honey.

Travelers who wish to experience the splendor of Cinque Terre with their own personal guide will find private tours offer some distinct advantages including:

  • Detailed information about the sites, culture and flavors of the region – Luxury private tours are generally tailored to meet the needs of a couple, family or intimate group. With a personal guide dedicated to the tour, guests enjoy personalized attention and detailed information about their destination. Since private tours don’t involve buses full of strangers, guests can feel at ease asking as many – or as few – questions as they’d like.
  • Ability to customize the journey – Private tours are designed from scratch for the travelers they’re meant to cater to. That means guests can customize each part of their journey. Since these tours are headed up by personal guides, guests can explore Cinque Terre at their leisure.

Cinque Terre is one of Italy’s most distinct regions. Exploring this destination on a private tour enables discerning travelers to experience its splendor with the benefit of a personal guide to make the journey more enjoyable.