Celebrating with the Italians

If Italy is your dream vacation, don’t put off your trip! 2017 is the perfect year to travel and celebrate with the Italians in their deeply rooted festivals and light-hearted celebrations. Some of this year’s events include:

 Processione dei Misteri (Procession of Mysteries), March/April 2017, Taranto

The Procession of Mysteries is well-known for its costumes and ceremoniousness. Beginning at the Church of Mount Carmel, bearers in long hooded robes carry six sacred statues through the streets. The procession stops and kneels before the holy sepulchers along the way.

Festa dei Ceri (Festival of Candles), May 2017, Gubbio

The Festival of Candles is an ancient Italian folklore display. Traditionally performed as an act of devotion towards Bishop Ubaldo Baldassini in 1160 when he died, every eve of the day of mourning, the people of Gubbio carry giant candles around the town and up Mount Ingino.

Mille Miglia, May 2017, Brescia

The Mille Miglia is an annual vintage car race from Brescia to Rome and back. The most beautiful vintage cars from all around the world come to participate in the race. This year over 1,000 car owners from over 25 countries have requested to participate and will undergo the rigorous selection process to be able to take part in the tradition dating back to 1927.

No Borders Music Festival, July 2017, Tarvisio

The No Borders Music Festival is hosted in Tarvisio by the Austrian border. The festival hosts international stars in both outdoor and indoor venues. The name “No Borders” refers to both the location as well as the diverse range of music as the festival has hosted artists including Youssou n’Dour, Diana Reeves, Joss Stone, and more.

Olioliva (Festival of Olive Oil), November 2017, Liguria

The olive oil festival lasts for three days following the annual olive oil harvest. The festival features a market fair dedicated to varying types of olive oil ranging from sweet to spicy. The festival also includes cooking demonstrations, guided walks through Imperia to learn about the history, and the culture of the food in the area.

No matter what time of year you choose to visit, Italy offers beauty and culture to all.

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