Pretty much everyone who has ever thought of Italy as their next holiday destination has heard of gorgeous Lake Como. One of the most popular go-to places in Italy, Lake Como is characterized by beauty and mystery—an untamed mystique that keeps its charm amidst the flocks of tourists visiting each season. Lake Como Tours are most popular during summer, but this little corner in the Italian Lakes region is a year-round destination enjoyed by visitors from far and wide.

Lake Como is one of five lake areas composing the Italian Lakes region. Of these lake areas, Lago di Como is the most popular not only for its unique shape, but for its mountainous surrounds, dotted by charming resort vehicles and picturesque sites. Lake Como is also the country’s deepest lake, filled with all kinds of exciting mysteries awaiting discovery.

Lake Como Tours are most widely available in the summer months, which are the best seasons for enjoying the region’s incredible weather and superb watersport offerings. Lake Como remains relatively cool even in the heat of the summer sun, thanks to its verdant mountains, which is why most people choose to visit during this season, although spring and fall are also great times to visit if you want to experience much cooler weather.

At the base of the lake is the capital town of Como, which is also where most Lake Como Tours begin. This small town also has many hidden treasures that often get overlooked by tourists as Como is often treated as a mere gateway to other lake towns like Varenna, Bellagio, and the rest of Lake Como. The principal town may be tiny but it has great attractions to offer, especially in its medieval city center, where an imposing 15th century cathedral stands by a charming lakeside promenade.