Venice and Veneto Private Custom Wine Tours

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Venice is a given when visiting Italy, but beyond this tiny city is a wine country that’s awaiting your discovery. Booking a wine tour in Veneto is a worthwhile side trip if you want a unique experience beyond what a typical Italian visit can offer. The North Italian region of Veneto has many indisputable gems that you can explore and discover. You can spend weeks in this corner of the country and still find yourself with an even longer list of things you want to do and experience as well as places you want to see in the region.

A wine tour in Veneto will typically take you to the Valpolicella wine region with its lush valleys and vineyards from which the most delicious drops of Amarone are produced. When not visiting Allergrini and Cote Sant’Alda, which are among the largest producers of Amarone in the region, explore the wine village of Soave, which can be ground just on the opposite side of Verona.

Veneto isn’t all about wine tours. The region also gives you access to some of the most picturesque destinations, North of Italy, like the beautiful Lake Garda. The pristine waters of this spectacular lake provide the perfect contrast to the mountainous backdrop that surrounds the area. Lake Garda has a certain old world charm that makes it an all the more worthwhile place to explore. Veneto is also filled with an impressive collection of ancient structures, including medieval walled cities that let you walk back in time. These walled cities staged many historic and epic battles that make up crucial parts of the Italian history. Within these ancient structures are all kinds of memorials, galleries, and museums that tell of the rich story of the city’s origins, unique culture, and heritage—all while admiring a backdrop of dramatic mountain landscapes.