If there is one place that shouldn’t be missing from your bucket list, it has to be Italy. This country’s mesmerizing sceneries alone is enough to get you hooked. Everything about it is simply picture perfect. And did we mention the delectable local dishes and succulent wines of the countryside? If you want to enjoy everything that Italy has to offer, your best option is to choose private tours in Italy. Why is that?

Unlike guided tours that force you to travel with other tourists and follow a strict itinerary, private tours give you the luxury of customizing everything to suit your needs. If you’re traveling with your family, you can set one itinerary for the older members of the group and plan another to include the young ones. Thus, everyone will enjoy the time spent in magical Italy. Private tours in Italy are especially recommended if it’s your first time to visit the country.

There is so much that Italy has to offer—rich history, charming culture, priceless art, astonishing architecture, and delicious food. There is no way to truly enjoy all of these if you’re in a guided tour that operates on a fixed schedule. Want to go on a cruise to Capri Island or Portofino? That’s not something you will usually find in a regular tour package—but it can certainly be added to your private tour. You can explore the nooks and crannies of Italy to your heart’s content. You may even be given exclusive access to unique events like a visit to the Vatican Museum, a stroll through the house of Machiavelli, a glassblowing or gondola crafting workshop, and so much more.

Of course, private tours in Italy are a tad more expensive than ordinary tours. Nevertheless, if you consider the wondrous experience you’ll gain from such a travel package, you’ll realize that every dollar spent on the tour is worth it.