Explore The Natural Beauty Of Sicily

To explore the natural beauty, there is little more exuberant and beautiful than Sicily. An Italian Island, Sicily is filled with lots of natural beauty and is rich in history. One of the most stunning and intriguing area, it borders the Mediterranean Countries and is way different than the mainland Italy.  Sicily is basically home of famous ancient Greek ruins that can be spotted all around the island. There is so much to explore from the beautiful Teatro Greco-Romano, stunning architecture of Valle dei Templi in Agrigento, Ortygia to the Mount Etna among many other beauties that will just take your breath away.

The largest Island in Mediterranean, Sicily has its distinct history and culture, despite being an Italian Region and is completely worth exploring. Let’s take a tour of the beauty of sicily.

Taormina with Mount Etna

The eastern coast of Sicily has some fantastic beaches and amazing countryside to explore and indulge in. Taormina, is one of the most popular resort of the island, where Mount Etna, the beating heart of Sicily, creates an incredible backdrop attraction to the already beautiful town. The view over to Mount Etna from Taormina is hard to go past with its volcanic beauty. You can find the remains of the classic theatre and impressive 15th to 19th century Palazzi. You can further enjoy miles of white sand and soothing waters.

Palermo – the capital cityPalermo 811411 960 720 300x201

The place of Baroque mansions, Byzantine castles and Moorish palaces, the capital of Sicily is all full of charm. With a history spanning over two and a half thousand years, it is an incredible city. Originally a phoenician city, it has long running history of  invasion and conquering. It showcases the beauties like Pretoria, churches of San Giovanni and La Martorana, Palazzo dei Normanni, Arabic ochre domes and chapel of San Cataldo along with many other beautiful sites. The city also has luxurious hotels and villas, if you are looking for a place to stay.

Syracuse – in its gloryCastle 1878017 960 720 300x225

Located on the Ionian coast of Sicily, Italy, Syracuse is famous for its ancient ruins. The city of Archimedes and a metropolis of the ancient world, it overlooks a stunning natural harbour. Syracuse, perfectly showcases the timeless beauty of Sicily, with its dazzling baroque pizzas, Parco Archeologico Neapolis, Ortygia, Teatro Greco, Roman Amphitheater, scenic medieval lanes leading down to sparkling blue sea and the lush citrus orchards. You can get the taste of splendour greece from almost every corner of Syracuse.

Monreale – real beauty

Not just history, you get to experience Sicily’s most beautiful beaches in the well preserved medieval town, Monreale. It is basically the home of some of the finest Greek Mosaics, left in Europe. With Mondello and Cefalu, the most popular beaches, you can experience some of the sicily’s best and finest beaches near Monreale. These beaches are crowded in summer but you won’t feel overwhelmed, so you better indulge in a luxury tour of Sicily to experience these stunning beaches.

One visit to Sicily can never be enough, with so much to explore. Pack your bags, book your very own luxury tour of Sicily and get ready to enter into the heart of beauty, delicious food and amazing warmth of this Island!