Explore Venice with a Classic Private Tour

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Built upon a total of 118 islands within a lagoon, the world heritage city of Venice and its canals, picture-perfect bridges, and stunning palaces is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in Italy and the world. Guided tours of Italy never fail to include Venice private tours if only to enjoy a gondola ride through the city’s winding waterways. This said it pays going on more explorative tours of the floating city.

The Grand Canal sweeps through the entire city, providing both a practical and leisurely way to get around Venice. Tours of the canal city can be done through a gondola or a more robust cruise ship, although the first offers a more distinct experience of the city, albeit too touristy for some people’s taste. Venice Italy tours shouldn’t fail to include a guided walkthrough of some of the best Venetian gothic landmarks and 14th-century architecture, which are very common around the city. These structures are great reminders of the huge influence that the Byzantine, Ottoman, and Gothic cultures had on Venice. Some of the most notable pieces of architecture you will see in the city include the Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti, Doge’s Palace, and Ca’ d’Oro.

If you want a fun day trip experience on your tour of Venice, allot time to visit the small island village of Burano. This quiet little village is a perfect place for some unwinding if you simply want to idle and sightsee/people watch. The town’s small, brightly painted houses create the perfect rainbow-colored backdrop for superb holiday photographs. However, if it is a quiet day on the beach that you are craving, island-hop to the golden island of Lido, which is best known for its sand dunes and relaxed, private beaches, that offer the best spots to admire the Adriatic Sea.