Feel the Diversity in Italy with Italy Adventure Tours

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Italy isn’t all Venice and Rome and Florence. More than the historical and the cultural, the country also offers great opportunities to explore the adventurous side of its incredibly diverse nature. Italy adventure tours prove that the country isn’t only a haven for art, history, and architecture—it is just as exciting a destination for outdoor and nature lovers looking for adventure and action.

“If you want to experience all that Italy has to offer, don’t forget to insert some Italy adventure tours into your holiday schedule. For the nature lover, a trip to the Dolomites is definitely something that you should consider. The region is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery, perfect for all kinds of outdoor adventures, from skiing to snowboarding in the winter to parasailing, mountain biking, cycling, rafting, and kayaking in the summer. The Dolomites feature endless hiking and walking trails designed for novice and expert climbers alike.

Camping sites abound in the Apulia region. This wine country in the southern edge of Italy is most famous for its sprawling vineyards and orchards, but deep in the verdant country lie an abundance of campsites that are perfect for those looking for unique adventures on the side of their wining and dining trips

Visitors to Tuscany shouldn’t resist its sun-kissed hills and carless streets’ invitation to cycle. From world heritage sites to good old nature paths, Tuscany’s bike paths lead to some pretty exciting adventures you won’t find elsewhere. However, those who are into more extreme mountain biking should head over to Molise and Abruzzo, where the Apennine mountains offer some of the greatest trails surrounded by breathtaking scenery and wildlife.

Your Italy adventure tours can be as laid back or adrenalin-pumping as you want them to be, as the country offers endless opportunities to make the most out of Italy’s rich nature.