Florence Private Tours – History and Charm Blend with Modern Comfort

Each year, millions of people flock to the capital city of Tuscany to take in its splendors. Known as one of the richest cities in Europe during the medieval period and considered the very birthplace of the Renaissance, this important destination has an allure that remains in high demand to this day. Holidaymakers who wish to take in the history and charm of this destination without compromising comfort will find that Florence private tours provide a luxurious way to do so.

Private tours in Florence are staged solely for the benefit of a single booking party. From private guided tours through some of the city’s most notable landmarks to multi-day itineraries meant to delight at every turn, this travel option provides distinct benefits. Meant to deliver the perks of group travel without the drawbacks, private tours are conducted to benefit a single guest, couple or small party. From dedicated tour guides to private drivers, this exclusive travel option provide luxury and comfort without cutting corners on the adventure or sightseeing potential.

While itineraries for private tours in Florence will vary based on guest selection, some of the best include such things as:

  • Lengthy tours of the Uffizi Gallery – This destination is one not to miss. A private, guided tour of the masterpieces contained within this gallery will provide guests an opportunity to take in works by such masters as Botticelli, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Caravaggio, among others. The gallery is even home to a Rembrandt.
  • Walking tours of the city – The statues, monuments and tremendous architecture make walking tours of Florence a highly popular choice. Visitors may find themselves traveling by foot and horse-drawn carriage as they pass through streets once walked upon by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci members of the powerful Medici family.
  • Palace tours – Florence is home to some of the most beautiful churches and palaces. Private guided tours here may include stops at such places as the Duomo and Santa Trinita. These architectural marvels add to the city’s tremendous allure.

Exploring the history and charm of Florence without sacrificing comfort and luxury is more than possible. Private, guided tours of this ancient city create a relaxing, enjoyable way to take in all the important sights.