Get a Chance to Explore the Magical City of Verona by Joining a Verona and Lake Garda Tour

Joining a Verona and Lake Garda tour can take you to some of the most cherished places in Italy. Verona is the setting of one of the world’s well-loved epic love stories, Romeo and Juliet, while Lake Garda is known for its fantastic wine, medieval streets, and small lovely towns.

Imagine having a chance to walk on the same streets that the characters of Romeo and Juliet used to walk. Visit the houses and castles that William Shakespeare described in his immortal books. You will also chance upon the Arena di Verona—another world-famous structure.

An immersive tour of Verona and Lake Garda can take eight days or more, considering the many sights and sounds these places have in store for you. The combined tour will typically start at Verona, which has its own airport.  A luxurious rest awaits you in a beautiful hotel in Verona. The next day, you begin exploring the Arena, Romeo and Juliet’s abodes, the Gothic Scala tombs, Signori and Erbe squares, and Castlevecchio, among many other tourist sites.

Comfortable transport and transfer services will bring you from Verona to Lake Garda, where you will enjoy all sorts of wine tasting. You also get to go on town hopping adventures. Take your time exploring the most noteworthy colourful medieval towns of Lasize and Bardolino, Sirmione, Riva del Garda, Malcesine, and Limone.

For a deeper tour of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world—Lake Garda—you can arrange a private luxury tour. Doing this gives you a chance to see the fairy-tale like Isola del Garda and the gorgeous seaside resort Gardone, as well as the must-see Punta San Vigilio and the Golfo di Garda.