Great Deals on Italy Vacation Packages – How to Compare

Many travelers only get to explore the world for a few weeks during the holiday season. Planning a holiday can be impossible, too, due to busy schedules and work commitments. It often makes sense to delegate everything to a professional travel agent who can put together an Italy tour package. Do you want to do this? To make sure that you are getting your money’s worth, take time to compare two or more travel agencies. Here’s how you should do it.

  1. Start with a checklist.

This list should include the qualifications, services, and other factors that you are looking for in a good travel agency. This will guide you in whittling down your choices to include only agencies that satisfy your criteria. For example, you might prefer Italy-based companies that provide global services and have a reputation for arranging private luxury tours.

  1. Define your vacation goals.

Vacation packages in Italy are created for specific types of travelers. When searching for packages, you’ll often come across wine tours, cruises, historical tours, etc. Some packages cater to honeymooners, families, and big groups while some are a mix of different kinds of destinations and adventures. Before you start comparing vacation packages, you should identify your travel goals first.

  1. Contact the travel agencies.

Once you have shortlisted the travel agencies and defined your ideal trip, it is time to contact them personally via phone, a toll-free customer service number, or e-mail. By making an inquiry, you’ll also see how responsive the travel agency is. Do they answer all your questions clearly? Do they reply immediately?

  1. Determine everything that is included (and not included) in the price.

To assess whether or not you are getting value for money, clarify with the agency what is included in the price of your tour package. Perhaps you’ll save more on a package that includes airport transfers, service charges, and meals than on cheaper packages with fewer tour inclusions.