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One of the most difficult things about visiting Italy is that you can’t visit and try everything all at once. This is especially true for a foodie who wants to get the gourmet experience of their life, but doesn’t have the luxury of time to go on tour across every food and wine region in the country. The good news for authentic Italian cuisine seekers is that there are always Italy food tour package deals that feature the best of the best out of Italy’s regional specialties as well as their finest delicacies and seasonal offerings. While you will probably need more than one lifetime to sample all that Italy has to offer when it comes to delicious treats and scrumptious culinary specialties.

No Italy food tour package is ever complete without a sampling of authentic Italian pizza. Although a flat bread slab slapped with some oil and fresh spices isn’t exactly a complex culinary masterpiece, the humble pizza is one snack that you shouldn’t miss. From Neopolitan to Roman style, you’ll never run out of great pizza options to choose from in Italy. If it is exotic delicacies you are after, don’t miss out on bottarga. Typically described as smoked eggs from sea rats (grey mullet roe, salted, pressed, and left to dry for a period of six months), bottarga is essentially Sicilian caviar, known for its smoky, briny, and savory flavor.

Italy food tour package deals also often include trips to classic and famous Italian pasta places, where an entire range of pasta dishes are served, including the iconic lasagna—a layered flat pasta perfection baked with a generous slathering of ragu or meat sauce and topped with plenty of mozzarella or sometimes parmigiano reggiano cheese. In addition to pasta dishes and some regional delicacies, Italy is also big on steaks (Chianina and bistecca florentina come to mind), as well as other hearty offerings like ribollita, polenta, and ossobuco.