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Italy is such a popular tour destination, one might wonder if Italy off the beaten path travel is even possible. While the country is a popular item in everyone’s travel bucket list, you’ll be surprised at the many hidden gems awaiting discovery in its least visited corners. Some of these destinations are beginning to light up in travelers’ radars, but most of them remain delightfully hidden away from the hordes of tourists that flock the country on a yearly basis.

Umbria is an excellent choice for Italy off the beaten path travel. This lovely region is home to world heritage sites and medieval old towns. The capital town of Perugia is well worth visiting for its exceptional collection of old architecture and its cobbled streets that lead to even more hidden gems. Visitors to Umbria also have the best opportunity to visit San Francesco d’Assisi’s birthplace—an attraction that is listed down as a World Heritage site, not to mention the old medieval town walls of Spello.

Naples is another great town for Italy off the beaten path travel, and is an ideal choice for those wishing to explore one of the world’s oldest, still inhabited cities. More than its history, Naples is also sought after for its ancient caves, which can be found underneath the city streets, leading to mysterious sites that tell of the city’s unique story. Naples is also a great kick-off point for visiting nearby destinations like the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento.

If you want an even more hidden location, consider the town of Lucca, which sits very close to Pisa and Florence. This little town absorbs a bit of the nearby towns’ tourist traffic, but very few take the time to truly explore and discover what it has to offer. Behind the city walls are numerous exciting attractions awaiting discovery.