Italy: The Food Capital of the World

So you’re thinking of heading to Italy to see the sights, the fantastic culture and people, be surrounded by the language, but of course while you’re there you’ll also want to try out some of the local Italian foods & wines. The best way to experience this is to book yourself on one of the many Italy food and wine tours the country has to offer, as you’ll be taken around the city with local experts who know where to find the REAL Italian cuisine.

Most Italy food and wine tours will let you go and explore the city on your own, and this is your chance to go wild! Will you fancy the Polignano delights of Squid Ink Tagliolini & Piccante Di Maiale (Pork chops flash-fried with peppers and a balsamic glaze) or when in Rome will you be trying the Pizza Bianca? One thing is for sure when you visit Italy…You will be surrounded by some of the greatest food and drink the world has got to offer. It’s no wonder it’s such a popular destination for tourists around the world.

Italy is the home to the oldest-known regions in the world to produce wine, so you definitely want to make sure you try the wine whenever you get the chance (maybe not every hour of the day, but hey – you’re on vacation). Not only in the restaurants and bars but there are also many winery estates which will let you come and visit. You can even try the wine before you buy – to make sure you find the perfect wine for you, regardless of whether you’re a Bianco (white wine) or a Rosso (red wine) drinker.

You will never run out of opportunities to try a new Italian dish or wine, but you can’t go home without seeing how their most famous ingredients are made. Be sure to check out the many farms which produce Mozzarella Cheese & Olive Oil. You’ll be able to share your experience and new-found knowledge with all of your friends and family when you get back. You will always have a profound respect for olive oil once you’ve seen all of the hard work involved in producing it!

So you’ve tasted, drank, as well as seen how the food and drink is made… But surely you’ll want to try your hand at making something too? You will never be in a better place than Italy to take a cooking class or learn a new culinary skill. For example, can you imagine how much of an achievement it would be to say you’ve been able to make Ricotta in Sicily?

These ideas are only the tip of the iceberg to the experiences and delights you can find in Italy, there are so many more activities and tastes awaiting you. You should definitely consider giving a visit, not only do they offer exceptional tours, they can also help you out with a lot more information!