Know More About the Amazing Art and Architecture of Italy through Florence Private Tours

If you love art and architecture and only have time to go to one city in Italy, pick Florence. You will surely have the time of your life in this beautiful part of the Bel Pease. Florence private tours will allow you to appreciate significantly the region and its grand buildings that have withstood time. You will be accompanied by the best local guides in Florence who know the history and stories behind each attraction.

Florence Cathedral

One of the must-sees in this region is the Florence Cathedral, a Gothic-style church that was built in 1296. It was finished in 1436—and yes, it took more than a hundred years. The history of its construction is impressive in itself and hearing them as you see the intricate details of this building will astound you even more. 

Basilica of San Lorenzo

Known to be one of the largest churches in Florence, the Basilica of San Lorenzo was designed by the famous architect, Filippo Brunelleschi. It is also the final resting place of some members of the Medici family. The marble exterior of the Basilica of San Lorenzo is distinct for its Renaissance-style aesthetic—perfectly symmetrical and harmonious. Your Florence private tour guide can tell you more.

Palazzo Pitti

Initially built in 1458 as a residence for Lucca Pitti, a Florentine banker, this palace houses beautiful works of art—and is a masterpiece all by itself, too. You will immediately notice the full arches and the beautifully rusticated walls and stone pillars. It was later purchased by the Medici family and stayed with them for hundreds of years. It is now the largest museum in Florence, and the rooms have been turned into different art galleries.

These are just three of the many architectural wonders that you need to visit while in Florence. Be sure to sign up for a luxury private tour so you can see them—and many more—in style and comfort.