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Italy is a traveler’s haven filled with a diverse range of attractions to delight any adventurer. This Mediterranean treasure is home to breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich culture and history. From the north to the south, there is no shortage of great things to see and do when you book private tours of Italy, whether you want an adventurous escape or something more laidback like a relaxing sightseeing experience. Italy private tour packages are varied in scope and type, but regardless what you want to see and do in the country, it pays having an expert guide to walk you through the different places you wish to explore. A private tour guide will give you unique insight only people with much experience and knowledge of Italian must-sees can offer.

The best private Italy tours are ones that cater to your unique wishes. You can choose from a range of itineraries and activities that focus on places and experiences that you wish to explore and have a taste of. Whether you are in Italy for a honeymoon, an adventurous excursion, a laidback wine and food tour, or perhaps a quick getaway, prearranged tours and private guided tours are your best options to make the most out of your trip to Italy.

When choosing Italy private tour packages, look for tour arrangements that are inclusive of all basic vacation necessities like accommodations, transportation and transfers, as well as unique activities that cater to your need for adventure. Many private tour packages are customizable to suit your preferences and schedule so you can choose and/or arrange an itinerary that works best for your budget and travel dates and incorporates everything that you want to see and do as you visit one of Europe’s most sought after tour destination. Other tour providers specialize in specific locations or regions—they are a great choice if you have a particular place that you wish to visit in Italy.