While not exactly the largest in Italy, Lake Como is certainly one of the most beautiful lake areas in the country. The upside-down Y-shaped lake is fringed by lush gardens, quaint little villages, and luxurious villas from where you can kick off unforgettable Lake Como tours. The place exudes a Cinque Terre vibe, but with its own unique twist.

Lake Como tours typically start with a visit to the charming lakeside towns and small villages. Como stands as the region’s capital. It is a shopper’s dream, offering a full range of boutiques, shops, and services one can expect from a thriving city. The historic center is also worth a wander, with its dominating 15th century Duomo, which is an eclectic mix of renaissance and gothic styles of architecture. Lake Como towns are also great for historical walking tours, with well-designed walking areas around many of the historic city centers. Other towns you should definitely take the time to explore include Bellagio, Varenna, and Tremezzo, each offering a unique set of attractions that leave visitors wanting to come back again and again.

One of the best things to do in Lake Como is to take a cruise across the pristine lake waters. While stunning views can be seen from the lakeside, the best viewpoint for sightseeing is actually onboard a cruise. Most cruise trips depart from major towns like Bellagio, Como, and Varenna, although there are also vessels that originate from other lakeside towns.

If you are on a nature adventure, Lake Como is a great primer for your Italian lakes tours, especially when planning to visit the grander Lake Garda. Awesome beaches also await those who are looking to soak in the sun and in the natural beauty of the surrounding region—a perfect gateway to Italy’s rich nature.