Northern Italy Canals, Art Galleries, and Palaces

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The amore country, Italy is all about love—the love of beautifully striking sceneries, the love of culture and history, the love of romanticism, and the love of adventure, good food, and good company. This kind of diversity in experiences is exactly what makes Northern Italy tours such a sought after commodity among seasoned and first-time travelers alike. It is the same diversity that gives Il Nord a distinctly striking character. Towns, cities, villages, and hidden spots within the region are nestled within an impressive landscape of nature accentuated by historical and cultural treasures.

If you are to venture to this region, don’t miss the stunning Lake District. A typical item in Northern Italy tours, the Lake District contains some of the country’s most iconic landscapes and natural sights, including the splendid Lake Garda, which with the surrounding mountains and hilly landscape, forms a perfect setting for a scenic getaway. Lake Garda is also dotted with expansive vineyards, olive plantations, and lemon groves, many of which are open for scenic and tasting tours.

Lake Como is only a boat trip away from the beautiful Lake District and it is the perfect side trip for those looking for a laid back and relaxing retreat. The right Northern Italy tours package will let you discover quaint towns and villages that dot the atmospheric Lake Como shoreline. The town of Bellagio is an absolute highlight of Lake Como tours for most visitors, as well as an excursion onboard the Bermina Express, which is a UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Railway that provides a fascinating panoramic journey through the Italian Alps.

Northern Italy also has no shortage of historic sites as well as lovely canals, being home to the floating city of Venice. If you are in for some active adventure, the Dolomites mountain range awaits with its expansive outdoor playgrounds.