Quintessential Food and Wine Tour of Tuscany

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Do you want to satisfy your appetite for food and adventure? When it comes to delicious, world-famous cuisines, Italy is the clear winner. What makes Italian food so unique is that each region has its own twist on your favorite dishes and drinks. Tuscany is just one of the many examples. And luckily, you can go on a private Tuscany food and wine tour for an excellent price!

Your ultimate Tuscany food and wine tour guide

Tuscany is a large region located in central Italy. And thanks to its vast, lush landscape, Tuscan food is heavily based on fresh, seasonal, and locally grown ingredients. Moreover, Tuscany’s cuisine is greatly influenced by the region’s Mediterranean roots, with a strong focus on cheese, fruits and vegetables, legumes, and pasta.

Here are some dishes you must try during your stay:

  • Bread

Each Italian region has its signature bread. In Tuscany, it’s the pane sciocco—a large and crusty bread that can be traced back to the 12th century. What’s special about this bread is that it doesn’t contain any salt, born out of the lack of the ingredient in the past.

But though salt is now easily accessible, the pane sciocco recipe remains largely unchanged. And don’t worry—the lack of salt doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. In fact, it’s the perfect vessel for you to taste Italy’s most flavorful staples, including the various hams and cheeses.

  • Cheeses

Speaking of cheese, Tuscany has no lack of artisanal cheeses for you to try. But first, you must get to know three levels of maturity: fresco or fresh, semi stagionato or aged for six months, and stagionato, or aged for 12 or more months.

One must-try cheese in Tuscany is the pecorino Toscano, which is often sold fresh. As a result, it is much softer and creamier than other types of pecorino cheese, best for grating over pasta, soup, or risotto. Nevertheless, you can purchase it in semi-aged or mature variations if they suit your taste better.

  • Pasta

Of course, you can’t go to Italy without trying authentic Italian pasta, made fresh by hand. Tuscany is best known for the pappardelle, an oversized variation of the tagliatelle.

Tuscan pappardelle is typically paired with ragù di cinghiale, a special sauce made with wild boar. Because of this, the dish is quite intense, characterized by a strong and hearty flavor with hints of fresh tomato and red wine.

There are also other variations of pappardelle, such as pappardelle alla lepre, made with marinated hare meat, and pappardelle all’anatra, prepared with duck meat.

  • Desserts

Here’s a pro tip for anyone visiting Italy: always leave room for dessert. Desserts are an important aspect of Tuscany’s street-food culture, boasting delightful sweets such as the bombolene and the torta della nonna.

But if you’re visiting Tuscany during the fall, you shouldn’t miss out on a seasonal specialty: the castagnaccio. Made with locally grown chestnuts, this moist, unleavened cake will have you begging for more. In addition to roasted chestnuts, it is enriched with dried fruits, including raisins, pine nuts, and walnuts.


Besides these tasty dishes and meals, Tuscany is also known for its wine. In fact, the region is home to 41 DOC and 11 DOCG-recognized wines. This is all thanks to the area’s wine-friendly climate, characterized by warm and temperate coastal temperatures that are perfect for cultivating Sangiovese grapes.

With all that said, these are the wines you must experience during your tour:

  • Brunello di Montalcino

As one of Tuscany’s most acclaimed wines, Brunello di Montalcino lives up to its name. After all, it is made with pure Sangiovese grapes, resulting in a complex and earthy taste with hints of cherries and chocolates. Just one glass of Brunello will not be enough—it’s the perfect pair for staple Tuscan dishes, including pappardelle and pecorino Toscano.

  • Chianti Classico

Are you looking for something less intense? The Chianti Classico is not as seductive or strong as the Brunello, but it’s just as wonderful. Made with at least 80% Sangiovese grapes, this full-bodied red wine is known for its versatility. It has a balanced and dry taste with notes of cherry, violet, and leather, pairing delightfully with hearty meats and light pasta dishes.

  • Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Like the Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti Classico, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano wine has reached DOCG status. In fact, it was the first DOCG wine to enter the Italian market.

Vino Nobile is a blend of 70% Sangiovese grapes with other varieties, resulting in a medium-bodied wine with notes of plum and dark ripe berries. Its bright acidity and gentle tannins make it easy to drink, best paired with Italian classics like pizza and pasta. You can even take a bottle home and drink it with your favorite barbecue dishes and spicy Asian foods!

  • Super Tuscan

Most of the wines on this list have been cultivated in Italy for centuries, except for the Super Tuscan.

This Tuscan wine is relatively young, only invented in the 1960s. But don’t let its age fool you—it’s named the Super Tuscan for a reason. A unique blend of Sangiovese grapes with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, this light red wine boasts a rich combination of fruity and spicy flavors. Because no two Super Tuscans are alike, you can experiment with a wide variety of food pairings, including pecorino cheese, braised beef, and even Tuscan chicken stew.


The best vacation doesn’t always have to include a tiring itinerary and a five-star hotel. Sometimes, all you need is a hearty meal with your loved ones—and a Tuscany food and wine tour can offer exactly that.

Leading tour operators in Italy offer top-quality food and wine tours for excellent prices, allowing you to taste authentic Tuscan cuisine in style. Not only that, but these private tours come with luxurious services, including full assistance to and from the airport, exclusive transportation with an English-speaking driver, and custom-designed daily activities.

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