Reignite Your Romance with a Luxurious Couples Vacation to Sicily

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Are you planning a romantic getaway for yourself and your partner? Whether you’re preparing to celebrate your honeymoon or need a quick holiday in each other’s company, Italy is one of the most romantic destinations. A Sicily vacation package can change your lives, not just as a couple but also as individuals!

Why you should book a Sicily vacation package for a romantic getaway

France, Hawaii, the Maldives, Venice—there’s no doubt that these locations are popular among couples. But that’s not to say that they are your only options.

If you don’t want to spend your vacation with a horde of other couples and tourists, walking through the road less traveled may be more up your alley. Sicily is not unpopular; however, it is an often-overlooked destination for romance and relaxation.

Sicily has everything you can ever ask for in a vacation spot: A remarkable history, delectable food and wine, natural wonders, and best of all, authenticity.

Take Ragusa, for instance. As one of Italy’s many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it never fails to gather awe and administration from locals and tourists alike. The ancient settlement features impressive historical structures, baroque marvels, and winding roads, such as the Church of Purgatorio, Piazza della Repubblica, and Donnafugata Castle.

And don’t worry. There’s just enough nature to bask in once you get tired of the historical cityscape. Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano, is something you must see in person at least once. If you’re the type to seek adventure and exhilaration, a hike up this ash-covered mountain will tickle your senses.

Nevertheless, the best part of Sicily is its culture. The locals are welcoming yet authentic, allowing you to experience the Mediterranean island without the rose-colored glasses that come with tourism. Instead of spending your time in luxury resorts and five-star restaurants, you can take a trip down beaten roads, buy souvenirs at mom-and-pop stores, and enjoy classic, authentic Italian cuisine.

Top things to do in Sicily for couples

There’s just one problem with visiting Sicily: It is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Because of this, first-time visitors and couples may have trouble finding their way through the vast region, making traveling more stressful than relaxing.

So what are the best ways to celebrate your love in Sicily? Here are some of the best things to do, curated for couples:

  • Watch the sunrise on a hike.

What better way to enjoy the Italian sunrise than getting as close as possile? Watching as the sun slowly covers the island in a tinge of yellow and red is one of the most romantic things you can do with your loved one, and it is best experienced during a hike!

And of course, this means climbing to the top of Sicily’s highest point: Mount Etna. Several well-trekked routes lead to the summit, including the beginner-friendlyRifugio Sapienza trail.

  • Cruise the Mediterranean.

Does a hike sound too exhausting for you? If you’re not the type to wake up so early in the morning, don’t worry. Missing the sunrise means you can stay up until the sun sets instead.

And no, you don’t have to settle for the regular sunset experience. Take things to the next level with your loved one by going on a cruise and watching the sun go down from the sea!

You can book a private yacht cruise with a luxury tour provider, allowing you to appreciate the special moment with no one else but your special someone. There are numerous little islands dotted around Sicily, including the Island of Ortigia, San Pantaleo, and the Santa Maria Islands.

  • Enjoy the local cuisine.

The best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. And luckily for you, Sicily does not lack delicious food to offer. A private food tour through the island will take you to its best-kept secrets, such as The Ballaro—a street food market in Palermo where you can find diverse selections, of fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish.

Like most Italian regions, Sicily takes immense pride in its local cuisine. You can’t leave the island without tasting its most noted recipes, including arancini, or fried balls of risotto filled with ragu, peas, or ham and cheese, pasta alla Norma, or penne with sauteed eggplant, tomato, basil, and ricotta, and panelle, a classic Sicilian snack made with chickpea flour.

Make sure to leave some room for dessert! Sicily is home to some of the most iconic sweet Italian treats, such as cannoli, granita brioche, cassata, and the fan-favorite pistachio gelato!

  • Learn more about wine.

You’ll likely crave a drink to go along with your selection of Italian meats and cheese, and there’s no better accompaniment than wine. Sicilian wine is one-of-a-kind, made from time-old local wineries and well-cared-for grapes.

A Sicily wine tour will take you to the island’s most renowned wineries, including the Cantine Florio in Marsala. This historical wine cellar gave birth to the world-famous Marsala wine, known for its vanilla, tamarind, and brown sugar taste notes best paired with asparagus, Brussel sprouts, and chocolate.

When in Etna, you can also taste several types of honey, almond pastries, and olives with the local wine.

  • Take a quiet stroll.

Romance does not always require luxurious cruises and glamorous settings. Sometimes, all a couple needs are a long and relaxing stroll through the city — and that’s just what Sicily can offer.

The island does not lack streets to wander through, from Palermo’s colorful markets to Marsala’s archeological parks and ancient town walls. Moreover, you can visit Syracuse, a city nestled in the southeast corner of Sicily. This historic destination sits next to the Ionian Sea, known for its ancient Greek ruins, sweet-smelling citrus orchards, and charming cafés.

Would you like to learn more about what Sicily has to offer? Book your Sicily vacation package with an accredited tour operator to find an itinerary that suits your preferences perfectly.