Sicily Private Tours

A Chance For You To Discover The Best of Sicily with a Private Tour

Sicily is a never-ending story. Sicily Island is definitely known for many of the most beautiful beaches in the world, perfect climate and amazing local cuisine – which is why the Sicily Private Tours are considered as a must on every traveler’s checklist. The Island is cultural and historic reality almost as separate from the main land as it is almost was a different country.

Luxury Private Tours in Sicily – the Region Of Origins

The guided private luxury tours to Sicily and surrounding Islands are a modern experience; with a passionate local guide delivering you the spirit of the Sicilian authenticity. Customized to your most distinct needs and expectation, private luxury tours of Sicily include several diverse and exclusive travel experiences:

  • Beach, Seaside Package Tours and Private Yacht Cruises of Sicily and surrounding Islands
  • Jewish Sicily – one of the most fascinating pages of the Sicilian history. Explore one of the most fascinating pages in the history of Sicily and discover the Jewish contribution to the Sicilian cultural heritage…..
  • Mount Etna, one of the most remarkable mountain and an extinct volcano in Italy with the craters Silvestri set at an altitude of 1,900 meters
  • Sicilian hometowns and villages, with tour guides and drivers – for a chance to see where your ancestors may be coming from: Sicily off the beaten path is an experience not to be undermined for the Exclusive and Discerning Traveler: Sciacca, Siculia, Corleone, Figuzza, Trapani and much more…
  • Palermo, Messina and Catania, pearls of Sicily and top urban Art cities
  • Cefalu and Castelbuono Mountain Area for Sports and Adventures and Enogastronomic excursions: Horseback Riding, Food and Wine Tours, and much more….
  • Archeological Private Guided Tours to Segesta, Erice, Agrigento ( Valley of Temples) and Taormina, great places influenced by the Greek Temples and Theatre thematic appeal and history
  • Private Food and Wine Tours in Donna Fugata, Marsala, Noto, Modica, Catania and other Sicilian farms and wineries

The list doesn’t stop here. The private luxury tours in Sicily offer many other exquisite moments and delicate experiences. The journey to Sicily is comfortable and lets you discover the best local cuisine of Southern Italy, a grasp of the beach life in many traditional places in the Italian history and moments of ease spent in the private tours of Sicily with a local guide.

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