See the Wonders of Italy Through Vatican Private Tours

Vatican City, near Rome, Italy, is the Roman Catholic Church headquarters, which you can see the Pope, beautiful art and buildings and lots more via Vatican Private Tours given by Italy Luxury Tours. You can also see the wonders of places like the Sistine Chapel, where the famous paintings on the ceiling done by Michelangelo reside.

Vatican Private Tours Brings You Personalized Views of Vatican City
Did you know that Vatican City is considered as its own little country? Even though it has a small population of less than a thousand and is only 110 acres in size, it has all of its own rules, regulations and customs.

You can learn all about this fascinating fact and more history of the Vatican via one of Italy Luxury Tours privately designed vacations. When you take one of the Vatican Private Tours, you will be able to avoid those long lines of tourists and get right to the business of seeing your chosen sights. These could include famous stops like St. Peter’s Basilica, built during the 16th century and a pilgrimage site for Catholics.

Must See Sights in Vatican City
Or talk to the experts at Italy Luxury Tours and arrange a visit to the Vatican museums to view all the treasures in the art museum that are on display. Be sure to ask about the Hidden Vatican Museums, places in the museum rarely opened for public view.

Another thing to pursue in your special arranged Vatican Private Tours is a trip to the Scavi, the underground burial catacombs where St. Peter is supposed to be interred. A mere 250 people are allowed to see this necropolis a day so as to not damage it. But you can be one of the select few chosen by talking to the expert tour masters at Italy Luxury Tours to get on the list.

Arrange a Tour to See the Pope
If your dream is to see the Pope, the head of the Catholic Church, he does speak to crowds a couple times a week. But if you want up close and personal during his sermons, then you have to have a ticket. So, speak to your Italy Luxury Tours staff to find out if it’s possible to get one! They will do everything they can to make your trip to the Vatican special.

All in all, the bottom line is to get the best possible tour of the Vatican do it through Vatican Private Tours and call Italy Luxury Tours at 18889597108 to set it all up.