Southern Italy Private Tour: The Most Beautiful Coastal Area of The World

Italy is a relatively small country; in fact, it’s just a little bigger than New Mexico and smaller than Arizona. But it is filled to the brim with beautiful attractions that you will want to linger in, so it can quickly take you months to honestly see the whole country. If your time is limited, many experts will recommend that you explore the southern region before anything else. Make the most of your holiday by signing up for a luxurious Southern Italy private tour that takes care of everything for you.

Southern Italy includes Basilicata, Calabria, Sardinia, Campania, Abruzzo, Puglia, Molise, and Sicily. The coastal areas are sure to take your breath away; you will probably never run out of romantic sunsets.

This Amalfi coastline, for example, is home to rustic villages that are mostly located on cliffs and mountainous landscapes. You will get more intimate with the culture and vibe of the area by exploring the streets and interacting with locals. Some of the must-see parts of the Amalfi coast include Positano, Furore, and Ravello. Enjoy the majestic sky while you feast on delicious Italian cuisine at Zass at Il San Pietro, Terrazza Bosquet, or Rossellini’s.

And then there’s Sicily, which is best known for its rich culture and majestic architecture. The churches of La Martorana or Capella Palatina are home to Byzantine-inspired designs and mosaics. You can also visit museums and theatres whenever you wish. And of course, your Southern Italy private tour can take you the Valley of Temples—ruins located along the coastal areas.

There are so many things to do in Southern Italy if you’re looking for an active holiday. Trek the paths of the Jasmine Riviera or Sila National Park. You can go sailing on the Mediterranean and do different water sports. With Southern Italy with private luxury tours, anything is possible.