Surprise A Loved One With A Spectacular Tour

Whether you have just gotten married or you and your spouse have an upcoming anniversary to celebrate, what better way to surprise your spouse than a weekend getaway on a spectacular tour to Italy? The first thing you want to do is find a reputable tour guide company that can provide you with information you need regarding the tour you want to take like Italy Luxury Tours. Visit their website, this can be useful to you and you can learn more about all the packages and tours they have to offer such as Piedmont and Langhe private tours. The next step will be contacting them by either phone or email so you can discuss a package deal, set a time for the tour and find out the cost. When one of the courteous and friendly staff gets back in touch with you, you both can discuss your plans and they may recommend customizing a tour package that will fit into your budget as well as into the time frame of the date you selected.

Make Memories when Touring Regions of Italy

There is so much to see and take in when you and your spouse arrive in Italy, but because you have a packaged tour you will be able to do everything you want and possibly more. Langhe and Piedmont are beautiful regions filled with sheep paddocks and hillsides as far as the eye can see. The chestnut forests, grape arbors and other nature trails can deliver the true spirit of Italy’s fauna and flora along with the specific taste of wine and food.

Options you can Choose to do on Private Tours in Langhe and Piedmont Include the Following:

  • Luxury Horse Riding
  • Private Mountain Biking
  • Private Hiking
  • Winery Visits and Wine Villages in Gavi, Asti, Barolo, Barbaresco and Langhe
  • Fine Dining with Private Transportation Tours
  • Luxury Food Tasting Tours in Small Villages
  • Private Tours to Idyllic Winery Visits

Amazing Scenery, Magnificent Food and Delicious Wine

Choosing Italy Luxury Tours was a great decision because you got to explore the coloristic nature and the authenticity of a gorgeous region. The selections was endless and ranged from exclusive wine tasting from cellars that is 200 years old to the extravagant local foods such as fruits and cheeses. Not to mention the beautiful parks along the Po River, historic museums and the baroque piazzas. A tour that you will remember and cherish always and possibly will make plans to visit again sometime soon.