Touring Tuscany – Holidays, Experiences and Activities for All

Life is all about the joie de vivre. Hard work and pressure needs to be balanced with a thoroughly enjoyable holiday. And there could be nothing better than a trip through Tuscany and Florence to enjoy the moments fully. Every moment of a vacation should ideally be a joyful experience, spent in hedonistic pleasures, to push the pressures of life to the backburner. Here are some of the ways you can make your trip to Tuscany more memorable.

Saddle a horse and enjoy the thrills on the back of a horse

The thrill of riding a horse is unparalleled. No bike can give the experience that one enjoys on horseback. Take a trip through Tuscany on horseback and explore the place in the pace you set.  Feel the response of the powerful creature as you prod it to gallop or trot in an unhurried manner.  Be accommodated in the old world charm of hotels in Tuscany with all the luxurious trappings that money can buy.

Take a private tour through some of the best locations in Tuscany

If you prefer to let your eyes enjoy more of the picturesque surroundings, choose a private tour of Tuscany. A driver would show you the best locations in Tuscany. From vineyards to wineries to local events, you will be a witness and partake of the best activities. A private tour gives you the chance to check out your culinary skills. Master chefs will guide you to make some of the most exotic dishes that you can cook on your return to your home.

Check out the famous attractions including the Piazzale Michelangelo

Tuscany offers you an endless list of attractions, difficult to visit in one trip. However, certain attractions should never be ignored, namely – the Piazzale Michelangelo, the square featuring the statue of Michelangelo.  Italy is known for its powerful influence on Renaissance art and a visit to the Uffizi Gallery will help to appreciate the finer aspects of art and the strong influence it wielded on the whole of Europe. The numerous churches that dot the landscape are some of the most amazing places of worship featuring unrivalled workmanship.