Why Italy is an Irresistible Destination

As a premium destination which attracts visitors from all over the world each year, Italy showcases some of the finest cities, countryside and coastlines found in Europe. Benefiting from a distinguished history, there are a wealth of buildings, sculptures and art works which cement Italy’s reputation as a country of enormous cultural riches. Other European countries also demonstrate a significant range of attractive features, so what is it about Italy which makes it utterly irresistible? Discover why Italy’s travel and tour packages from Italy Luxury Tours are in such great demand from discerning vacationers who want to experience the very best of what this stunning country has to offer.

Fantastic Food and Fine Wines
If you’re a connoisseur of fine dining then the Italy travel and tours packages represent a fantastic opportunity to enjoy fresh, local produce, skillfully prepared to make stunning local dishes which you won’t find elsewhere. Whether you opt for one of the fish dishes which are popular in coastal towns, or try one of the many flavors of delicious gelato (a national specialty), you can be certain of benefiting from the unmistakable taste of Italian fare. For those of you who are keen to emulate some of Italy’s finest chefs, Italy Luxury Tours gives you the chance to learn the secrets of creating some of the signature regional dishes of this foodie’s paradise.

Amazing Art and Sculptures
From the globally admired Sistine Chapel to the stunning medieval architecture of Florence, Italy is full of spectacular artistic endeavors from a bygone age. Whichever part of the country you chose for Italy travel and tour packages, there will certainly be some spectacular reminders of the country’s impressive past. Italy offers a wealth of museums, galleries, beautiful buildings and quaint streets which appear to have remained the same for centuries. Providing an unforgettable taste of European taste and style, one of the Classical Tours or Art and History Tours from Italy Luxury Tours is a unique opportunity to indulge in Italy’s greatest cultural treasures.

Modern Italy has so Much to Offer
The modern face of Italian life is evident amongst the ancient buildings, winding streets and prominent town walls which are prominent in many Italian towns and cities. Well-known for its dynamic fashion houses, Italy also has a thriving leather industry, an enviable reputation for its spectacular sports cars and luxury vehicles. If you’re keen to enjoy some high-end retail therapy, Italy Travel and Tours offers plenty of free time on your daily itinerary to take advantage of the superb shopping opportunities which are readily available. Almost all the major cities which feature in Italy Luxury Tours have a superb selection of enticing boutiques and highly individual independent shops.

The wonderful combination of old and new which typifies much of Italy makes it a wonderful destination for people of all ages and backgrounds. If you are thinking of taking a trip to Italy or simply want more info take a look at their website at www.italyluxurytours.com. Diverse, exciting, intriguing, chic and wonderfully stylish, it’s clear why Italy Luxury Tours is so popular with people wanting to enjoy the very best of what Italy has to offer.