Take a Food and Wine Tour of Tuscany

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A memorable way to explore Tuscany is with an exciting Tuscany food tour. The sunlit and vine-lined region of Tuscany is one of Italy’s most sought after culinary havens, perfect for gourmet explorations—both guided and DIY. However, taking a guided food tour of this lovely region is something you should seriously consider, especially if you want to experience the best of the best when it comes to dining and wining in Tuscany.

If there’s one activity no Tuscany food tour should miss, it would be hunting for truffles near the San Miniato area. This medieval hill town is sandwiched between Florence and Pisa. More than rare truffles, this area is famous for its local goat cheese produce, specifically called formaggio di capra delle colline di San Miniato, along with melt-in-the-mouth Chianina beef and Tuscan pork (cinta senese). If you book a Tuscan food tour in mid-October, you’ll be just in time for white truffle hunting season in San Miniato.

Florence is also worth mentioning where Tuscany food tour adventures are brought up. This art and food-obsessed city is one of the best places to get steak and experience Italy’s aperitivi or pre-dinner drinks culture. Almost a sacrosanct ritual, aperitivi is an exciting experience for any Florence visitor, with nice spots to enjoy a tipple and graze about in style spread across town.

Wine people shouldn’t miss a tour of the Chianti wineries. Driving across the Chianti region is a treat in and of itself, with its picturesque vineyards and lush, rounded hills. Chianti’s identity, heritage, and landscape is one that’s shaped by wine, making it one of the most sought after wine regions to visit in Italy. No Tuscany food tour is complete without farmhouse cooking lessons in one of the regions quaint little towns, such as Volterra, which is famous for its wild boar, spiced sausage, cheese, and bread and bean soup dishes.