Abruzzo and Molise

The Authentic and Off-Beaten-Track Regions of Italy

Abruzzo and Molise are regions in Central/Southern Italy which were bundled in a single region until 1963 named Abruzzi e Molise. Their split which has officially happened in 1970 has made both of these regions the newest regions in Italy.

Abruzzo Travel Guide

If you are looking to broaden your experience on the off-beaten-tracks in Abruzzo, you will be amazed from all the ancient mountains and wild forests that form the rich cultural tradition of Italy. Therefore, tours in Abruzzo include hillside climbing to the most authentic Italian towns and villages. Scanno, for example, is one of the most traditional towns in the Abruzzo region which offers exquisite moments spent in the nature and the true originality of the Italian culture, raw and in its most traditional form.

Tours to L’Aquila

L’Aquila is the capital city of the Abruzzo and Molise region and as a province, it is the largest one of the four provinces in Abruzzo and Molise. With a population of around 80,000 inhabitants and a medieval design on a hill in the wide valley of the Aterno river, tours to L’Aquila always deliver the special essence of tall snow-capped mountains bordering the entire city filled with a maze of narrow streets customized in the Baroque and Renaissance motives found on buildings and churches and elegant squares (piazzas).

Tours in Abruzzo

The rich cultural tradition has also given the way of Abruzzo a sense of modernity, and the region although being traditional, offers accommodation along the tours in Abruzzo mostly placed in the local beachside villas and properties close to the three national parks in Abruzzo covering 3,350 square kilometers.

Therefore, the top three most popular attractions in Abruzzo are:

  • Parco Nazionale della Majella: The Oldest and Largest national park in Italy with two million visitors each year.
  • Scanno: The nostalgic town of Scanno and the beauty of the tours in the hillside villages in Abruzzo.
  • Pescara: The largest city in the region spread on the beachside, counting 22 beaches while offering a lot of authentic vacation accommodating options.

Molise Travel Guide

Molise is a central region of Italy offering tremendous hillside and mountain imaginary for every adventurist. It is also considered as one of the best regions for hiking tours in Italy, with amazing tracks and slopes.

Molise has leveraged its amazing mountain slopes and developed one of the most amazing ski destinations in this regions – the beautiful Campitello Matese – a resort with around 40 kilometers of slopes and tracks offering a variety of activities, such as skiing, climbing and mountain-biking tours in Italy to the height of 1450m.

Apart of the naturist activities, the tours in Molise also offer the great grasp of Italian culture set in many medieval villages which apart from being small, offer the best craftsmen in the country with their amazing homemade products.

Tours to Campobasso

Campobasso is a city set on an altitude of 700 meters with which it is one of the coolest places in the region. Some of the most popular tours to Campobasso include walks around the Castello Monforte (castle) which is located on the top of Sant’Antonio, the mountain on which this hillside place is set. Next to the castle there are many other ancient settlements such as the Chiesa della Madionna del Monte (Santa Maria Maggiore Church) which was built in the 11th century and renovated in the 20th with a unique bell tower.

Tours to Isernia

The province of Isernia and its capital, Isernia are known for their rich history and geography. The mountainous area which is also present in this region has made the province and city base their economy on agriculture. The lake of Castel San Vincenzo is a hydroelectric reservoir coming from the rivers Volturno and Trigno. Isernia is proud to have Monte Mare, one of the highest peaks in the region which is 2020m (6628ft) high.

Moreover, the list of places and activities in Molise sums up to:

  • Mountain Biking, Hiking and Skiing tours throughout the Region
  • Palazzo Ducale di Ripalimosani: one of the most famous medieval villages, a few steps from Campobasso and proudly offers the best craftsmen in Italy
  • The ancient Samnite civilization: Campochiaro, Capracotta, Pietrabbondante, Sepino, Vasto Girardi …
  • Castles and Towers: Bojano, Campobasso, Colletorto, Termoli, Torrella del Sannio, Venafro …
  • The Religious architecture: Agnone, Campobasso, Campolieto, Castelpetroso, a sanctuary surrounded by a green wood. Then Isernia, Jelsa, Morrone del Sannio, Rocchetta al Volturno …
  • The ‘tratturi’: ancient transhumance routes whose traces are still clearly visible and appear as “grass highways”.
  • Beaches of Campomarino, Montenero, Termoli: a place with the most famous beaches in the region with plenty of beach adventures and Rio Vivo: a beach offering the best aqua sports experience

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