Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna Travel Destination Guide

Emilia Romagna: Italy Food and Luxury Cars Capital

Emilia Romagna is a North-Eastern region in Italy with Bologna as its capital city. On north, this region neighbors the Veneto and Lombardia regions and on the west is Piedmont. Basically, tours to Emilia Romagna offer the most exquisite experiences of Italy. The food tours to Emilia Romagna are the best in the country, as Emilia-Romagna is known to many as the culinary capital of Italy.

Tours to Rimini and Riccione

Spreading out to the Adriatic coast, Emilia-Romagna covers a lots of places which are the ultimate destinations for party travelers from around the world as well as Italian citizens offering the most delicate food choices, aquatic parks and lively atmosphere. The tours to Rimini and Riccione are the most popular tour choices in Emilia-Romagna, offering one of the longest sandy beaches in Europe as well as other beach tours to places such as Igea Marina, Bellaria, Ravenna and Cesenatico.

Food and Wine Tasting Tours in Emilia-Romagna

The birth of the famous Parmigiano cheese produced in Parma, a town in Emilia-Romagna adds up to the culinary popularity of this region. Along with that, the amazing choice of pasta comes directly from this region, which is why tours to Emilia Romagna will satisfy the tastes of every food enthusiast. And for spicing things up, Modena comes in the first place, as the capital city and the main ‘victim’ for the presence of the modern balsamic vinegar.

You can try the traditional Pasta Bolognese (meat and tomato pasta), Lasagna Verde alla Modenese (lasagna with spinach), Polenta con Fagioli (cornmeal with beans), Cotoletta alla Bolognese (veal cutlet with cheese and truffles) and many other amazing tastes of the Emilia Romagna tours.

Tours to The Motor Valley

If you are a fan of the Italian car design, then you should embrace the tours to the Motor Valley in Emilia-Romagna. This ‘valley’ is actually a place that includes all the newest luxury car manufacturers and their factories. The best tours to Motor Valley include:

  • Private tours to the Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ducati factory and museums.
  • Ferrari California or Ferrari 458 Italia Test Drive Private Tours: 1 Hour, 2 Hours or afternoon Ferrari Private Test Drive with your own DVD.

Tours to Ferrara, home of The Borgia Family during the Renaissance

The city and comune of Ferrara in the Emilia Romagna province is situated 31 miles (50 kilometers) from Bologna and is filled with broad streets and many palaces. This aspect is connected to the history of Ferrara, which is of great significance to the Italian culture. Ferrara is a home to the famous Borgia family, one of the most prosperous and dominant families in the Italian culture taking tremendous part in the Renaissance. The most popular tours to Ferrara include visits to the houses and tombs of Lucrezia Borgia, Alfonso, Ercole and Eleanor of Aragon all situated in the Corpus Domini Monastery. The Jewish Quarter and Museum are also parts of Ferrara, as well as the wide variety of churches including: Cathedral of San Giorgio, Church of Santa Maria in Vado, Church of San Luca, Church of St Benedict, Church of San Carlo, Church of San Cristoforo, Church of San Domenico, Church of San Francesco, Church of St Paul, Church of St Roman, Certosa and Sant’Antonio in Polesine Abbey.

Tours to Ravenna

Ravenna is an amazing historic location protected by UNESCO. Apart from the standard tours, cycling tours in Italy to Ravenna are considered as the best to many tourists, simply because of the many structures boasting the World Heritage Status of Ravenna which are discovered along the cycling tours, as well as the squares and beautiful streets in Ravenna itself. Also, the tours to Ravenna can easily transform in beach tours – at only 5 kilometers away lies the Adriatic sea offering sandy beaches and relaxing moments.

Tours to Bologna, Italy

Bologna is one of the largest cities of Italy with a long history. It offers warm welcome to every visitor with its charm and amazing architecture. It is also considered as a university town, coming from the fact that there are many universities inside Bologna and an endless stream of students. Tours to Bologna include activities such as:

  • Learn pasta making tours – Food and Wine Tours
  • Tours to food factories in Bologna producing Parmesan cheese, balsamic Vinegar (originating in Modena) and Parma ham
  • Art and Architecture tours in Bologna and many others….

Simply, booking one of the tours in Emilia-Romagna will definitely give you a taste of Italy while overwhelming you with its amazing art and history.