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Le Marche Travel Destination Guide

Le Marche: Off The Beaten Path in Central Italy

Le Marche is one of the most varied regions of Italy, wedged between the mountains of Apennines and the turquoise Adriatic Sea. It is a region which you can enjoy slowly with various tours. The inland area of Le Marche is without tourists especially in the Southwest region where there are many stone hill villages, creating the perfect atmosphere for Exclusive walking and hiking tours.

History of Le Marche

Le Marche was known as the Picenum territory, a place occupied by the Senones which were a tribe of the Gauls. Also, Marche is popular for the Battle of Sentinum and the many colonies that the Romans found and influenced in La Marche. The cities of Ancona, Pesaro, Rimini and Senigallia formed the so called Pentapolis, a part of the Byzantine Exarchate of Ravenna found after the Gothic War which also took place in this region.

Today, Le Marche is a popular region for private luxury tours, and also a region with great economy – the popular brands names of Indesit, Tod’s, Guzzini and Teuco all come from Le Marche and the industrialized special areas making this region profitable from footwear, leather goods, furniture and appliances.

Beach and Day Tours to Le Marche

The private luxury tours to Le Marche never skip a day on the beach, on some of the most amazing sands of Italy based in Ancona or other smaller towns in La Marche. Apart from that, this region is known for its broadly distributed heritage of history and monuments that attract thousands of tourists every year. Some of the best trips include private tours to Ascoli, Fermo, Macerata, Pesaro and Urbino and many other inspiring cities in the Le Marche region.

Tours to Ancona – The Capital of Le Marche

Ancona is the capital city of Le Marche region and offers a port-town experience which is engaging but yet gritty at times. Traveling along the Ancona coast the road gently sways leading to the amazing Conero Riviera. The tours to Conero Riviera offer white-pebble beaches and amazing milky cliffs, making this region unique and exciting to travel to.

Tours to Pesaro, Le Marche

Pesaro is the largest seaside resort town in Le Marche. The tours to Pesaro offer a view of the Renaissance center settled at a seafront and many other cultural sceneries.

The other tours in Le Marche, Italy offer the following activities:

  • Private Naturalistic Hiking Tours around Urbino and Ascoli Piceno, a fascinating small city on the way into the Abruzzo region
  • Private Guided Tours to the fortress of San Leo and San Marino, a hillside independent country taking place within Italy
  • Private Day Tour to Macerata, a lovely countryside city
  • Beach Private Excursions to Ancona and Conero Riviera

Important Facts About Le Marche

Also known as ‘the Marches’, the Le Marche region excites every tourists with its hiking tours, cycling tours as well as beach tours to Le Marche ‘s main historical and modern villages. Also, Le Marche is a home to many famous people in the history of Italy, including Giacomo Leopardi, a great 19th century author, Maria Montessori, a revolutionary educator and even the ancestors of Lionel Messi, the best footballer in the world, who have emigrated from Recanati in the 19th century.

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